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Wynn Stewart - The Bakersfield Pioneer: Complete Releases 1954-62

Wynn Stewart - The Bakersfield Pioneer: Complete Releases 1954-62

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Wynn Stewart was one of the singers, guitarists and songwriters who originated and developed the Bakersfield sound of country music during the 1950s. Cited by many as having been a significant influence on contemporaries such as Buck Owens and Merle Haggard who were associated with Bakersfield movement, Stewart formed a high school band that played clubs around California before making his first records for the small Intro label.

While his debut singles, I’ve Waited A Lifetime and Strolling both failed to chart on the country music listings, the latter caught the attention of Skeets McDonald, one of Stewart's idols, who arranged an audition with Capitol Records. He soon recorded and released his first single for the label, Waltz Of The Angels, and landed him his first hit when it reached No.14 on the country chart.

This collection comprises just about all his releases on singles and albums between 1954 and 1962, including the A & B sides of his singles on the Intro, Capitol, Jackpot and Challenge labels. It includes charting hits such as Wishful Thinking, Big, Big Love and Another Day, Another Dollar.

He went on to enjoy further success in later years, and this collection is an entertaining introduction to his early career, and an insight into the roots of the Bakersfield phenomenon. The singer continued to tour into the 1980s and it was while on the road that he suddenly died of a heart attack on 17 July 1985.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 I've Waited A Lifetime Wynn Stewart


After All Wynn Stewart
3 Why Do I Love You So Wynn Stewart
4 Waltz Of The Angels Wynn Stewart
5 Slowly But Surely Wynn Stewart
6 Keeper Of The Keys Wynn Stewart
7 A New Love Wynn Stewart
8 Hold Back Tomorrow Wynn Stewart
9 You Took Her Off My Hands Wynn Stewart
10 That Just Kills Me Wynn Stewart
11 I Wish I Could Say The Same Wynn Stewart
12 A Night To Remember Wynn Stewart
13 Come On Wynn Stewart
14 School Bus Love Affair Wynn Stewart
15 How The Other Half Lives Wynn Stewart and Jan Howard
16 Yankee Go Home Wynn Stewart and Jan Howard
17 Above And Beyond Wynn Stewart
18 Open Up My Heart Wynn Stewart
19 Wishful Thinking Wynn Stewart
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Uncle Tom Got Caught Wynn Stewart
2 Wrong Company Wynn Stewart and Jan Howard
3 We'll Never Love Again Wynn Stewart and Jan Howard
4 Heartaches For A Dime Wynn Stewart
5 Playboy Wynn Stewart
6 If You See My Baby Wynn Stewart
7 I'd Rather Have America Wynn Stewart
8 Big Big Love Wynn Stewart
9 One More Memory Wynn Stewart
10 I Done Done It Wynn Stewart
11 I Don't Feel At Home Wynn Stewart
12 Don't Look Back Wynn Stewart
13 Loversville Wynn Stewart
14 Another Day, Another Dollar Wynn Stewart
15 Donna On My Mind Wynn Stewart
16 Three Cheers For The Loser Wynn Stewart
17 Wall To Wall Heartache  Wynn Stewart
18 Searching For Another You Wynn Stewart
19 Couples Only Wynn Stewart
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