Webb Pierce - 17 Honky Tonk Songs (LP)

Webb Pierce - 17 Honky Tonk Songs (LP)

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“Love, Love, Love”, the public certainly loved Webb Pierce, the hillbilly loving, Gene Autry obsessed honky-tonk vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. With 13 releases making top spot in the country charts and a whole string of hits, Pierce was without doubt one of the most successful country recording artists of the 50’s.

Renowned for his distinctive nasal voice, he influenced the music industry for years to follow. On this 17-track collection we hear his greatest songs over an 8-year period from 1952-59, including all 13 of his No. 1 hits. Epitomising Pierce’s selling power, In The Jailhouse Now, spent 37 weeks in the country chart during 1955, 21 of them at No.1. Although some of his late ‘50s and early ‘60s recordings nodded in the direction of the emerging smoother Nashville sound, with the steel guitar and fiddle giving way to vocal choruses and strings, and forays into distinctly pop/rock ‘n’ roll territory, he remained reluctant to depart from his honky-tonk roots. He was an iconic and highly distinctive personality during a glorious heyday of country music.

Track Listing


1. WONDERING - Webb Pierce (Joe Werner) 1952
2. THAT HEART BELONGS TO ME - Webb Pierce (Webb Pierce) 1952
3. BACK STREET AFFAIR - Webb Pierce (Billy Wallace) 1952
4. IT'S BEEN SO LONG - Webb Pierce (Webb Pierce) 1953
5. THERE STANDS THE GLASS - Webb Pierce (Alice Gresham, Mary Jean Shurtz, Russ Hull) 1953
6. I'M WALKING THE DOG - Webb Pierce (E. M. Tex Grimsley, W. C. Grimsley) 1953
7. SLOWLY - Webb Pierce (Tommy Hill, Webb Pierce) 1954
8. EVEN THO - Webb Pierce (Curt Peeples, Webb Pierce, Willie Lee Jones) 1954


1. MORE AND MORE - Webb Pierce (Merle Kilgore, Webb Pierce) 1954
2. IN THE JAILHOUSE NOW - Webb Pierce (Jimmie Rodgers) 1955
3. I DON'T CARE - Webb Pierce (Cindy Walker, Webb Pierce) 1955
4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - Webb Pierce (Ted Jarret) 1955
5. WHY BABY WHY - Webb Pierce with Red Sovine (Darrell Edwards, George Jones) 1956
6. YES I KNOW WHY - Webb Pierce (Webb Pierce) 1956
7. HONKY TONK SONG - Webb Pierce (Buck Peddy, Mel Tillis) 1957
8. HOLIDAY FOR LOVE - Webb Pierce (Mel Tillis, Wayne P. Walker, Webb Pierce) 1957
9. I AIN'T NEVER - Webb Pierce (Mel Tillis, Webb Pierce) 1959

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