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Victor Borge - The Collection 1945-55

Victor Borge - The Collection 1945-55

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Victor Borge was a Danish virtuoso classical pianist who escaped to the USA at the start of World War Two.

Learning English via popular movies he started out as a pianist who, over time, incorporated comedy to create a unique style of entertainment.

As his recordings and trademark routines became more widely heard, he developed a following on both sides of the Atlantic.

This 2CD set comprises musical performances as well as comedy routines. Borge was a complete ‘one-off’, very much of his time, but whose humour transcends the passing of time.


One wonders what sort of response this sophisticated kind of comedy would get from today's audiences who might well be mystified by someone as erudite as Borge, especially with his straight faced demeanour and with the requirement to know something about the music involved. Some timeless comedy intermingled with some straight interpretations of standards make for a very enjoyable set. - Gerry Stonestreet (In Tune Issue 353) 

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Phonetic Punctuation Victor Borge


A Lesson In Composition Victor Borge
3 The Blue Serenade Victor Borge
4 Grieg Rhapsody Victor Borge with The Paul Baron Orchestra
5 Brahms Lullaby Victor Borge with The Paul Baron Orchestra
6 A Mozart Opera By Borge Victor Borge
7 All The Things You Are Victor Borge with The Paul Baron Orchestra
8 Unstarted Symphony Victor Borge
9 Bizet's Carmen Victor Borge
10 Intermezzo Victor Borge
11 Stardust Victor Borge
12 Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2 Victor Borge
13 Inflation Language Victor Borge
14 Hist Hvor Vejen Slaar En Bugt/Vuggevise Victor Borge
15 Clair De Lune Victor Borge
16 Comedy in Music Vol. 1 - Beginning Victor Borge
17 Comedy in Music Vol. 1 - Conclusion Victor Borge
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Medley Of Popular Songs Victor Borge
2 Warsaw Concerto, Auf Wiedersen'n Sweetheart Victor Borge
3 Requests Victor Borge
4 A Mozart Opera By Borge Victor Borge
5 Three Borge Favorites Victor Borge
6 Family Background Victor Borge
7 Phonetic Punctuation Victor Borge
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