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Tommy Sands Collection 1951-61 92CD)

Tommy Sands Collection 1951-61 92CD)

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Tommy Sands was initially a country singer and guitarist who made his first records in the early ‘50s when he was a young teenager and was “discovered” by Col. Tom Parker, but shot to fame when he appeared in an episode of “Kraft Television Theater” in 1957 as ‘The Singin’ Idol’ performing “Teen-Age Crush” which was his debut No. 2 US hit. His teen idol looks also brought him a screen career, and he married Nancy Sinatra, although his divorce from her in 1965 seemed to stop his career in its tracks.

This comp comprises the A and B of his early releases on the Freedom and RCA labels, and his singles for Capitol through to 1961, as well as his duets with Annette Funicello from the Disney movie “The Parent Trap” released on Buena Vista. It features all his ten career chart entries, including the No. 2 “Teen-Age Crush”, and the Top 30 hits “Going Steady”, “Sing, Boy, Sing” and “The Old Oaken Bucket”, his biggest UK hit. It’s a comprehensive trawl across the decade which comprised the core of his career as a recording artist.


“This present collection is as stated devoted to his singles, but the difference here is that rather than starting with his Capitol recordings it begins with his earlier incarnation as singer and guitarist Little Tommie Sands, 'The West's Wonder Boy' in 1951 when he was a mere 14. Even then, he was a show biz veteran having made his initial broadcasts before the age of 10. This collection is obviously not 100% relevant to 'in Tune' readers with its high rock and country/western content but there are more than a few items of interest and it does give a rounded portrait of an entertainer who perhaps never was able to find his ideal métier and thus realise his full potential, for whatever reason.”  –  Gerry Stonestreet (In Tune Issue 343)

Tommy Sands fans have been quite well served over the years and this 2CD set should be the ultimate as it presents all of his releases for Freedom, RCA Victor and Capitol between the years 1951 to 1961. I found Tommy's vocalising a little difficult to get used to and it took me a while, but a lot of what's included on Disc Two shows that it was worth persevering... worth investigating. Eric Dunsdon (Now Dig This Issue 452)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Love Pains Little Tommie Sands
2 Syrup Soppin' Blues Little Tommie Sands
3 Love Pains Tommy Sands
4 Transfer Tommy Sands
5 Roses Speak Louder Than Words Tommy Sands
6 Spanish Coquita Tommy Sands
7 Life Is So Lonesome Tommy Sands
8 A Dime and a Dollar Tommy Sands
9 Never Let Me Go Tommy Sands
10 I Know About The Bees Tommy Sands
11 Don't Drop It Tommy Sands
12 A Place For Girls Like You Tommy Sands
13 Hankerin' Tommy Sands and Sunshine Ruby
14 Don't You Know I Love You? Tommy Sands and Sunshine Ruby
15 Something's Bound To Go Wrong Tommy Sands
16 Kissin' Ain't No Fun Tommy Sands
17 Teen-Age Crush  Tommy Sands
18 Hep Dee Hootie (Cutie Wootie) Tommy Sands
19 My Love Song Tommy Sands
20 Ring-A-Ding-Ding Tommy Sands
21 Goin' Steady Tommy Sands
22 Ring My Phone Tommy Sands
23 Let Me Be Loved Tommy Sands
24 Fantastically Foolish Tommy Sands
25 Man, Like Wow! Tommy Sands
26 A Swingin' Romance Tommy Sands
27 Sing Boy Sing Tommy Sands
28 Crazy 'Cause I Love You Tommy Sands
29 Teen-Age Doll Tommy Sands
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Hawaiian Rock Tommy Sands
2 After The Senior Prom Tommy Sands
3 Big Date Tommy Sands
4 Blue Ribbon Baby Tommy Sands And The Raiders
5 I Love You Because Tommy Sands And The Raiders
6 The Worryin' Kind Tommy Sands
7 Bigger Than Texas Tommy Sands
8 Is It Ever Gonna Happen Tommy Sands With The Sharks
9 I Ain't Gittin' Rid of You Tommy Sands With The Sharks
10 Sinner Man Tommy Sands
11 Bring Me Your Love Tommy Sands
12 I'll Be Seeing You Tommy Sands
13 That's The Way I Am Tommy Sands
14 You Hold The Future Tommy Sands
15 I Gotta Have You Tommy Sands
16 That's Love Tommy Sands
17 Crossroads Tommy Sands
18 The Old Oaken Bucket Tommy Sands
19 These Are The Things You Are Tommy Sands
20 On And On Tommy Sands
21 Doctor Heartache Tommy Sands
22 The Parent Trap Annette Funicello And Tommy Sands
23 Let's Get Together Annette Funicello And Tommy Sands
24 I Love My Baby Tommy Sands
25 Love in a Goldfish Bowl Tommy Sands
26 Remember Me (To Jennie) Tommy Sands
27 Rainbow Tommy Sands
28 Jimmy's Song Tommy Sands
29 Wrong Side of Love Tommy Sands
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