The Staple Singers - Songs For An Uncloudy Day LP

The Staple Singers - Songs For An Uncloudy Day LP

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The Staple Singers were one of gospel music’s most unique and best-known family groups. Thanks to leading lady Mavis Staples powerhouse of a voice, they went on to have soul chart success in the 1970’s with hits such as I’ll Take You There. This, however, is a different sound. Beauty and soul laid bare. Taking influences from contemporaries such as Charley Patton, Roebuck “Pops” Staples combined his love of the blues and gospel to create a family gospel group so unique they were often mocked.

Replacing the traditional piano accompaniment of gospel with his unashamedly bluesy, highly reverbed Mississippi cotton-patch electric guitar and sharing lead vocals with his 14-year-old daughter Mavis, “Pops” and the family became an influence on artists such as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent and The Band.

This 16-track LP shines a light on “Pops” and his family’s early years, featuring singles and album tracks from a time before they had their soul chart successes. A time that needs to be remembered, listened to, and adored.

Track Listing


1-  IT RAINED CHILDREN - Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples) 1953
2 – UNCLOUDY DAY - Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples, J.F. Kinsey, J.K. Alwood) 1956
3 – HELP ME JESUS – Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples) 1958
4 – GOING AWAY – Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples) 1959
5 – TELL HEAVEN – Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples) 1959
6 - I JUST CAN’T KEEP IT TO MYSELF – Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples) 1959
7 – THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME – Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples) 1960
8 – WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN – Staple Singers (Trad., Charles Gabriel, Ada Habershon, Roebuck Staples) 1960


1 – PRAY ON – Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples) 1960
2 – DON’T KNOCK – Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples, Wesley Westbrooks) 1961
3 – SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT – Staple Singers (Trad., Roebuck Staples) 1961
4 – I’M SO GLAD – Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples) 1962
5 – STAND BY ME - Staple Singers (Roebuck Staples, Charles Tindley) 1961
6 – HAMMER AND NAILS – Staple Singers (David Hill, Aaron Schroeder) 1962
7 – GREAT DAY – Staple Singers (Beatrice Beale) 1962
8 – NEW-BORN SOUL – Staple Singers (Trad.) 1962

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