The Radio Four - The Classic Decade - The Singles Collection 1952-62

The Radio Four - The Classic Decade - The Singles Collection 1952-62

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Acrobat has recently been adding to its catalogue of collections featuring the gospel groups of the 1950s, who were part of the burgeoning gospel scene at a time when there were opportunities to perform at major venues and opportunities to record for labels with access to mass markets, and during an era when sanctified soul was laying the groundwork for the developing secular soul scene. The Radio Four, originally comprising various brothers from the Babb family, came from Kentucky, and after performing in different line-ups through the 1940s, first came to the fore around 1950 on radio WHOP in Hopkinsville, where one of the brothers Dr. Morgan Babb hosted a show. This led to their signing to the Tennessee label, with most of their recording being done for Nashville-based labels during this era. This 48-track 2-CD collection comprises most of their releases during these years on the Tennessee, Republic and Nashboro labels, only omitting titles of which mastering sources could not be located. It includes recordings made accompanying label colleagues Madame Edna Gallmon Cooke and Sister Lucille Barbee during this time, where they were named as accompanists on the record label. They were perhaps one of the less flamboyant and high-profile of the gospel groups of this era, but they were a highly-regarded ensemble, and in Morgan Babb had an outstanding lead singer.  

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 My Trouble Is Hard The Gospel Five
2 Elijah The Gospel Five
3 On My Journey Now The Radio Four
4 Get Back Jordan The Radio Four
5 I'll Meet Mother The Radio Four
6 Leave It Here The Radio Four
7 Sending Up This Prayer (Part 1) The Radio Four
8 Sending Up This Prayer (Part 2) The Radio Four
9 Blood Done Signed My Name The Radio Four
10 Why Not Tonight The Radio Four
11 Seek Seek Seek The Radio Four
12 Somewhere The Radio Four
13 Help Me Run This Race The Radio Four
14 Never Too Late The Radio Four
15 Walk Through The Valley Edna Gallmon Cooke
16 Amen Edna Gallmon Cooke
17 I've Been Saved The Radio Four
18 What More Can Jesus Do The Radio Four
19 I've Got Religion Edna Gallmon Cooke
20 Build Me A Cabin Edna Gallmon Cooke
21 Evening Sun Edna Gallmon Cooke
22 Whatcha Gonna Do The Radio Four
23 God Don't Ever Change The Radio Four
24 Somebody Touched Me Edna Gallmon Cooke
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Beautiful Tomorrow Sister Lucille Barbee
2 Call Him By His Name Sister Lucille Barbee
3 Come By Here Edna Gallmon Cooke
4 A Little More Faith And Grace Sister Lucille Barbee
5 An Earnest Prayer The Radio Four
6 How Much I Owe The Radio Four
7 My Imagination Of Heaven The Radio Four
8 If You Miss Me From Praying The Radio Four
9 The Christian Race The Radio Four
10 You Must See Jesus The Radio Four
11 Travelin' Through The Land The Radio Four
12 All On Board The Radio Four
13 You Can't Hide The Radio Four
14 Building A Home The Radio Four
15 I Feel The Spirit The Radio Four
16 There's Gonna Be Joy The Radio Four
17 The Road's Rough And Rocky The Radio Four
18 Nobody But You Lord Edna Gallmon Cooke with The Radio Four
19 When He Calls Me The Radio Four
20 I Received My Blessings The Radio Four
21 Jesus Never Left Me Alone The Radio Four
22 Walk Around My Bedside The Radio Four
23 What He's Done For Me The Radio Four
24 Whisper To Jesus The Radio Four
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