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The Larks - The Collection 1950-55

The Larks - The Collection 1950-55

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Hailing from North Carolina, The Larks were a classic doowop group of the early 1950s.

With their roots firmly in gospel, the collective moved to secular music to form The Larks. Although they were not among the most prolific hitmakers, their style and technique made them one of the most admired of the early doowop ensembles.

This 48-track 2CD set comprises the A- and B-sides of just about all their releases on the Apollo label and in a second incarnation of the group under lead singer Eugene Mumford on the Apollo subsidiary label Lloyds, plus some titles from those labels which were not released at the time, plus recordings on Jubilee as The Selah Singers, on Regent as The 4 Barons, and on Apollo as The Southern Harmonaires. It features their Top 10 R&B hits Eyesight To The Blind and Little Side Car.

It’s a substantial overview of their career – they broke up before their final release – and it’s a thorough and excellent showcase for their highly-regarded skills as vocal harmonisers.


In terms of vocal group royalty, the Larks rank amongst the top four or five groups of all time, up there with the likes of The Five Keys, Ravens, Clovers, Dominoes, Orioles and early Drifters. The smooth harmonies and polished lead vocals of Allen Bunn and in particular, Eugene Mumford, being highly regarded by collectors and followers of the vocal group sound, as well as being highly influential on a legion of groups that followed them. Highly eloquent and detailed sleeve notes along with sound as good as you're likely to heat, this well-presented set is a fine tribute to one of the classic vocal groups of all time. - Tony Watson (Blues & Rhythm April 2021)

This collection contains a very large slection of their material and shows how they ranged from jubilee, blues, gentle R&B, proto-rock, to old-fashioned dated pop.There are 48 tracks in this collection and are always performed impeccably. The Larks were  wonderful group, with so much, and so many talents, who deserve their legendary status. Sure, there are a lot traces of older styles - Mills Brothers and Ink Spots - and a fair bit of early '50s pop, but I loved the collection ... this double CD is special. - Pete Bowen (Now Dig This Issue 456)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Why Not Today Selah Singers
2 Down Here I've Done My Best Selah Singers
3 Lemon Squeezer The Four Barons
4 Got To Go Back Again The Four Barons
5 My Heart Cries For You The Five Larks
6 Coffee, Cigarettes And Tears The Five Larks
7 Who Will Your Captain Be? Southern Harmonaires
8 I'm So Glad Southern Harmonaires
9 When I Leave These Prison Walls Larks
10 Hopefully Yours Larks
11 Let's Say A Prayer The Larks
12 My Reverie The Larks
13 Eyesight To The Blind The Larks
14 I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes The Larks
15 Little Side Car The Larks With Bobby Smith's Orchestra
16 Hey, Little Girl Bobby Smith's Orchestra and The Larks
17 I Don't Believe In Tomorrow The Larks
18 Ooh…It Feels So Good The Larks
19 My Lost Love The Larks and Bobby Smith
20 How Long Must I Wait For You? The Larks and Bobby Smith
21 Honey In The Rock The Larks
22 Shadrack The Larks
23 Stolen Love The Larks
24 In My Lonely Room The Larks
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Darlin' The Larks
2 Lucy Brown The Larks
3 I Live True To You The Larks
4 Hold Me The Larks
5 Christmas To New Year's The Larks
6 All I Want For Christmas The Larks
7 What's The Matter The Larks
8 It's Breaking My Heart The Larks
9 Margie The Larks
10 Rockin' In the Rocket Room The Larks
11 If It's A Crime The Larks
12 Tippin' In The Larks
13 When You're Near Barbara Gale & The Larks
14 Who Walks In When I Walk Out Barbara Gale & The Larks
15 No Other Girl The Larks
16 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise The Larks
17 Os-Ca-Lu-Ski-O  The Larks
18 Forget It The Larks
19 Johnny Darlin' Barbara Gale & The Larks
20 You're Gonna Lose Your Gal Barbara Gale & The Larks
21 Honey From The Bee The Larks
22 No, Mama, No The Larks
23 If You Were The Only Girl In The World The Larks
24 For The Love Of You The Larks
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