The Kingston Trio - Best Of The Singles 1958-62 LP

The Kingston Trio - Best Of The Singles 1958-62 LP

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The Kingston Trio - Hang Down Your Head 1958-62

The Kingston Trio occupy a significant and unique place in the pantheon of pop music’s greats, not only for their extraordinary and ground-breaking commercial success as album sellers, but also in bridging the gap between the die-hard folk movement of the early ‘50s and the vibrant new folk scene of the ‘60s. They may have done that inadvertently and unintentionally, but they had an innate appreciation of the appeal of their chosen musical metier if it could be presented in a way which appealed to a broader audience, and their album sales were a testament to the rightness of their vision.

At their height, their album sales constituted around 20% of Capitol’s entire turnover despite huge names such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee and Nancy Wilson also being on the label. At one stage they had 4 entries in the top 8 of the US album charts. Despite predominantly being an album band they had some big hits and influential single releases.

This collection pays homage to the Trio by highlighting some of there biggest and best singles over the most successful period of their career and includes Tom Dooley, Raspberries, Strawberries, San Miguel, El Matador, Where Have All The Flowers Gone, Jane, Jane, Jane and Greenback Dollar.  

Track Listing

A1 - Tom Dooley
A2 - Raspberries, Strawberries
A3 - The Tijuana Jail
A4 - M.T.A
A5 - A Worried Man
A6 - San Miguel
A7 - CooCoo-U
A8 - Home From The Hill

B1 - El Matador
B2 - Bad Man's Blunder
B3 - Everglades
B4 - Where Have All The Flowers Gone
B5 - Scotch And Soda
B6 - Jane, Jane, Jane
B7 - One More Town
B8 - Greenback Dollar

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