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The Impressions & Jerry Butler - The Collection 1958-62

The Impressions & Jerry Butler - The Collection 1958-62

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The Impressions were one of the R&B vocal groups that heralded the transition from doowop to the more pop-oriented styles of the late ‘50s.

Notable for bringing to the fore two of the great soul voices of the era, Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield, they made their first records in 1958, when Butler and Mayfield were still in their teens. Founded as the Roosters by Tennessee natives Sam Gooden, Richard Brooks and Arthur Brooks, who moved to Chicago and added Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield to their line-up to become Jerry Butler & the Impressions, the collective immediately started scoring hits.

This 57-track set includes Impressions’ A & B sides from these years. It also contains the titles not otherwise featured on singles from the Veejay album He Will Break Your Heart and the 1958 Abner album Jerry Butler Esq. It features the Impressions’ four hits from these years, including the R&B No.2 Gypsy Woman and No.3 For Your Precious Love, and  Jerry Butler’s ten hits from this era, including the R&B No.1 He Will Break Your Heart, plus the Top 20 entries Lost, Find Another Girl, I’m A Telling You, Moon River and Make It Easy On Yourself.

It’s a great showcase both for the Impressions’ distinctive style as a vocal group and for Butler and Mayfield’s talents as singers and writers, underlining their importance as key influences in the genre. Inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and Grammy Hall of Fame, the group were recognised in 2000 by the Rhythm & Blues Foundation with a Pioneer Award. The group’s long career spanned more than 60 years at the time of their retirement in 2018. Butler, now in his early 80s, lives in Chicago.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 I Need Your Love The Impressions
2 Don't Leave Me The Impressions
3 For Your Precious Love Jerry Butler And The Impressions
4 Sweet Was The Wine Jerry Butler And The Impressions
5 Come Back My Love The Impressions featuring Jerry Butler
6 Love Me The Impressions featuring Jerry Butler
7 The Gift Of Love The Impressions
8 At The County Fair The Impressions
9 Lost Jerry Butler
10 One By One Jerry Butler
11 Lovely One The Impressions
12 Senorita I Love You The Impressions
13 Hold Me My Darling Jerry Butler
14 Rainbow Valley Jerry Butler
15 Couldn't Go To Sleep Jerry Butler
16 I Was Wrong Jerry Butler
17 That You Love Me The Impressions
18 A New Love The Impressions
19 A Lonely Soldier Jerry Butler
20 I Found A Love Jerry Butler
21 He Will Break Your Heart Jerry Butler
22 Thanks To You Jerry Butler
23 Silent Night Jerry Butler
24 Find Another Girl Jerry Butler
25 When Trouble Calls Jerry Butler
26 I'm A Telling You Jerry Butler
27 I See A Fool Jerry Butler
28 Moon River Jerry Butler
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Aware Of Love Jerry Butler
2 Isle Of Sirens Jerry Butler
3 Chi Town Jerry Butler
4 Make It Easy On Yourself Jerry Butler
5 It's Too Late Jerry Butler
6 You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) Jerry Butler
7 I'm The One Jerry Butler
8 The Wishing Star (Theme From Taras Bulba) Jerry Butler
9 You Go Right Through Me Jerry Butler
10 Gypsy Woman The Impressions
11 As Long As You Love Me The Impressions
12 Grow Closer Together The Impressions
13 Can't You See The Impressions
14 Little Young Lover The Impressions
15 Never Let Me Go The Impressions
16 Minstrel And Queen The Impressions
17 You've Come Home The Impressions
18 I'm The One Who Loves You The Impressions
19 I Need Your Love The Impressions
20 Teardrops From My Eyes Jerry Butler feat. The Impressions
21 Have A Good Time Jerry Butler feat. The Impressions
22 Butterfly Jerry Butler feat. The Impressions
23 After The Laughter Jerry Butler feat. The Impressions
24 The Lights Went Out Jerry Butler feat. The Impressions
25 September Song Jerry Butler
26 If You Let Me Jerry Butler
27 The Challenge Jerry Butler
28 No End Or Time Jerry Butler
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