The Chantels - Born In The Bronx - The Singles 1957-62 LP

The Chantels - Born In The Bronx - The Singles 1957-62 LP

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The Chantels - Born In The Bronx: The Singles Collection 1957-62

Widely credited as being one of the first ‘girl bands’ of the rock era, The Chantels were a remarkably talented vocal group. Starting off while at High School, a fortuitous meeting in the street with doo wop group The Valentines led lead singer and producer    Richard Barrett to champion the teenagers. With a combination of the sensational song writing skills and vocal ability of Chantels lead Arlene Smith and Barrett’s influence within the industry, the young group from The Bronx, enjoyed many successes    at a very young age.

All students at the St. Anthony of Padua Elementary School in The Bronx, N.Y., they started singing together in the early ‘50s in second grade, being members of the St. Anthony’s church choir. Unlike many African American vocal groups, with roots in gospel,    the music they learnt together of a different religious bent in the form of liturgical music, Latin hymns and Gregorian chants. They combined the unique vocal blend they had acquired with the doowop harmonies they heard performed by the male groups    on the street corners. 

This collection celebrates The Chantels unique talent across the first five years of their recording career and helps emphasise just how influential they were in paving the way for future girl groups. It is made up of the vast majority of their singles    including He’s Gone, The Plea, Prayee, (I Can’t Take It) There’s our song again, Look In My Eyes, and their beautiful rendition of George Gershwin’s Summertime. A must for all fans of female harmony groups.

Track Listing

A1 - He's Gone
A2 - The Plea
A3 - Maybe
A4 - Every Night (I Pray)
A5 - I Love You So
A6 - How Could You Call It Off
A7 -   Prayee
A8 -   If You Try

B1 - (I Can't Take It) There's Our Song Again
B2 - Goodbye    To Love
B3 - Summers Love
B4 - I'm Your Girl
B5 - Look In My Eyes
B6 - Well I Told You
B7 - Here It Comes Again
B8 - Summertime

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