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The Caravans - Where Gospel Meets Soul

The Caravans - Where Gospel Meets Soul

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The Caravans were a gospel vocal group who originated in Chicago in the late 1940s as the Robert Anderson Singers and The Robert Anderson Gospel Caravan, and evolved to begin recording as The Caravans in 1952. As a collective the singers became  hugely popular and immensely respected, as well as extremely influential on the vocal groups who followed.

As much as any other group, they incorporated the styles which formed the backbone of the secular soul music which became popular during the 1960s and in the process changed the music-buying public’s attitudes to the genre and how it was received. The group’s line-ups over the next decade included some of the most noted singers of the era, including Albertina Walker, Inez Andrews, Denise Norwood, Shirley Caesar, Cassietta George, Johneron Davis, Delores Washington and others, on occasion also including Rev. James Cleveland.

This 56-track 2-CD collection features most of the A- and B-sides of their releases on the States and Gospel labels during this era, many of which were also included on their album releases during these years as well. Walker, who sadly died on 8 October 2010, released a reunion album entitled Paved The Way in 2006. The group’s first new recording since 1976 was dubbed by Billboard Magazine as one of the most memorable releases of that year and entered the Billboard charts in the Top 10.

Featuring many traditional songs and spirituals alongside some fine new gospel compositions, this collection highlights how the group, took their distinctive brand of gospel into more contemporary soul territory and makes for an exciting and joyous showcase for their talents.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Think Of His Goodness The Caravans


Tell The Angels The Caravans
3 Stranger Of Galilee The Caravans
4 Count Your Blessings The Caravans
5 Get Away Jordan The Caravans
6 He'll Be There The Caravans
7 God Is Good To Me The Caravans
8 Blessed Assurance The Caravans
9 Why Should I Worry The Caravans
10 On My Way Home The Caravans
11 I Know The Lord Will Make A Way The Caravans
12 What A Friend We Have In Jesus The Caravans
13 The Angels Keep Watching The Caravans
14 Since I Met Jesus The Caravans
15 Blessed And Brought Up By The Lord The Caravans
16 Jesus Is A Rock The Caravans
17 Witness The Caravans
18 Let Us Run The Caravans
19 What Kind Of Man Is This The Caravans
20 The Man Jesus The Caravans
21 Old Time Religion The Caravans
22 The Solid Rock The Caravans
23 Wait For Me The Caravans
24 Tell Him What You Want The Caravans
25 None But The Righteous The Caravans
26 Onward Christian Soldiers The Caravans
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Crucifixion The Caravans
2 Come On Jesus The Caravans
3 You Can't Beat God's Giving The Caravans
4 I'm Willing The Caravans
5 I'm Not Tired Yet The Caravans
6 Mary, Don't You Weep The Caravans
7 Lord Keep Me Day By Day The Caravans
8 Your Friend The Caravans
9 He Won't Deny Me The Caravans
10 Swing Low Sweet Chariot The Caravans
11 Mercy Lord The Famous Caravans
12 Show Me The Way The Famous Caravans
13 They Didn't Believe In Me The Famous Caravans
14 God Can Do Anything The Caravans
15 Hold To God, I'm Changing Hands The Caravans
16 The Rough Side Of The Mountain The Caravans
17 Hear Ye The Word The Caravans
18 Make It In The Caravans
19 Hallelujah It's Done The Caravans
20 I Won't Be Back The Caravans
21 Remember Me Oh Lord The Caravans
22 Jesus I'll Never Forget You The Caravans
23 See How The Lord Has Kept Me The Caravans
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