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Sunny Gale - Wheel of Fortune: The Singles Collection 1952-61

Sunny Gale - Wheel of Fortune: The Singles Collection 1952-61

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Sunny Gale was one of the vivacious and talented girl singers to come to the fore on the US music scene during the early 1950s.

As a youngster growing up in New Jersey, she competed in singing contests against the likes of future musicians Eddie Fisher and Al Martino. In 1949, she joined bandleader Hal McIntyre’s orchestra on a series of successful concert tours of North America and Canada. She took advantage of the burgeoning medium of television to have a string of hits before her style was superseded by the advent of rock‘n’roll in mid-decade, although she recorded successfully through into the 1960s as she adapted her approach for the evolving market.

She is probably best known for her take of Wheel Of Fortune. Written by written by Bennie Benjamin and George David Weiss, and recorded with the Eddie Wilcox Orchestra, Gale’s version triggered interest  from rival companies who saw the potential of a hit. Several artists recorded the composition in rapid succession, including Sammy Kaye, the Bell Sisters, and the Cardinals. Gale’s rendition, nonetheless, managed to chart at No.13, but was soon overtaken by Kay Starr’s novelty take, which became a No.1.

This 55-track collection selected A&B sides of her releases during this era on the Derby, RCA and Warwick labels, chosen to include at least one side of just about all her singles from this era. It features all her career chart entries, including her No.2 R&B and No.13 chart debut, and her other Top 20 pop hits I Laughed At Love, Teardrops On My Pillow, A Stolen Waltz, Smile and Let Me Go, Lover. She was a talented and versatile interpreter of songs and this collection is an entertaining showcase for a singer who very much typified her particular era of pop.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 The Wheel Of Fortune Sunny Gale and the Eddie Wilcox Orchestra


You Showed Me The Way Sunny Gale and the Eddie Wilcox Orchestra
3 A Lasting Thing Sunny Gale and the Eddie Wilcox Orchestra
4 My Last Affair Sunny Gale and the Eddie Wilcox Orchestra
5 Father Time Sunny Gale
6 I Laughed At Love Sunny Gale
7 You Could Make Me Smile Again Sunny Gale
8 Jump Back, Honey Vaughn Monroe & Sunny Gale
9 So-So Vaughn Monroe & Sunny Gale
10 A Stolen Waltz Sunny Gale
11 Teardrops On My Pillow Sunny Gale
12 I Feel Like I'm Gonna Live Forever Sunny Gale
13 Send My Baby Back To Me Sunny Gale
14 Love Me Again Sunny Gale
15 Before It's Too Late Sunny Gale
16 Mama's Gone Goodbye Sunny Gale and The Du Droppers
17 Close To Me Sunny Gale
18 Don't Cry, Mama Sunny Gale
19 Dream, Dream, Dream Sunny Gale
20 Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight Sunny Gale
21 Call Off The Wedding Sunny Gale
22 Smile Sunny Gale
23 An Old Familiar Love Song Sunny Gale
24 Let Me Go, Lover Sunny Gale
25 Unsuspecting Heart Sunny Gale
26 Constantly Sunny Gale
27 A Little You Sunny Gale
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Soldier Boy Sunny Gale
2 Looking Glass Sunny Gale
3 C'est La Vie Sunny Gale
4 Devotion Sunny Gale
5 Rock And Roll Wedding Sunny Gale
6 If You Really Want To Know Sunny Gale
7 Two Hearts (With An Arrow Between) Sunny Gale
8 One Kiss Led To Another Sunny Gale
9 Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad Sunny Gale
10 I Have Lived, I Have Loved, I Have You Sunny Gale
11 Maybe You'll Be There Sunny Gale
12 Come Go With Me Sunny Gale
13 Let's Be Friendly Sunny Gale
14 My Arms Are A House Sunny Gale
15 A Meeting Of The Eyes Sunny Gale
16 I Don't Want Your Greenback Dollars Sunny Gale
17 For Crying Out Loud Sunny Gale
18 Just Friends Sunny Gale
19 A Certain Smile Sunny Gale
20 Wheel Of Fortune Sunny Gale
21 The Gypsy Told Me So Sunny Gale
22 Oh! What It Seemed To Be Sunny Gale
23 Falling Star Sunny Gale
24 What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For Sunny Gale
25 Church Bells May Ring Sunny Gale
26 Where Have You Been All My Life Sunny Gale
27 Please Love Me Forever Sunny Gale
28 Near You Sunny Gale
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