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Mickey And Sylvia - Singles & Albums Collection

Mickey And Sylvia - Singles & Albums Collection

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Mickey Baker was a guitarist and Sylvia Vanterpool was a singer who was also one of his guitar pupils, and they teamed up to make records as Mickey & Sylvia.

Famous for recording the first hit version of the timeless and much-recorded pop standard Love Is Strange, this substantial set is a comprehensive overview of their output during the primary period of their career.

Baker and Vanterpool released their first record, I’m So Glad, as Mickey & Sylvia on Rainbow Records in 1955. They recorded for the RCA label subsidiary Groove Records in 1956.

While sharing the bill with Bo Diddley at Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., Vanterpool was inspired by his song Love Is Strange. With his blessing, Mickey & Sylvia recorded their own rendition. Their single was released in November 1956. It went on to sell over one million copies and was awarded a gold disc by the RIAA.

This 59-track collection comprises most of their A- and B-sides together on the Rainbow, Groove, Vik, RCA and Willow labels  and  the tracks from their New Sounds LP for Vik. Also included are selected solo singles by Little Sylvia for Jubilee, and duet singles made by Mickey Baker with Kitty Noble as Mickey & Kitty for Atlantic, along with most of the titles from Mickey Baker’s solo album for Atlantic The Wildest Guitar.

It features all their eight career hits in the US pop and R&B charts including the R&B No.1 and pop No.11 Love Is Strange, and the R&B No.8 There Oughta Be A Law.

Love Is Strange was later featured in movies like Dirty Dancing, Badlands and Casino, and was covered many times. The song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. They were one of the few boy/girl duos to make an impact in the R&B, rock ‘n’ roll and pop markets during the rock ‘n’ roll era, and occupy an interesting niche in the history of the genre. An entertaining showcase for their distinctive style and talents.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Drive Daddy Drive Little Sylvia


I Found Somebody To Love Little Sylvia
3 A Million Tears Little Sylvia
4 Don't Blame My Heart Little Sylvia
5 Blue Heaven Little Sylvia
6 I'm So Glad Mickey and Sylvia
7 Se De Boom Run Dun Mickey and Sylvia
8 Forever And A Day Mickey and Sylvia
9 Rise, Sally, Rise Mickey and Sylvia
10 Where Is My Honey Mickey and Sylvia
11 Seems Just Like Yesterday Mickey and Sylvia
12 No Good Lover Mickey and Sylvia
13 Walkin' In The Rain Mickey and Sylvia
14 Love Is Strange Mickey and Sylvia
15 I'm Going Home Mickey and Sylvia
16 There Oughta Be A Law Mickey and Sylvia
17 Dearest Mickey and Sylvia
18 Two Shadows On Your Window Mickey and Sylvia
19 Love Will Make You Fail School Mickey and Sylvia
20 Love Is A Treasure Mickey and Sylvia
21 Let's Have A Picnic Mickey and Sylvia
22 There'll Be No Backin' Out Mickey and Sylvia
23 Peace Of Mind Mickey and Sylvia
24 Who Knows Why Mickey and Sylvia
25 Say The Word Mickey and Sylvia
26 Too Much Weight Mickey and Sylvia
27 A New Idea On Love Mickey and Sylvia
28 I've Got A Feeling Mickey and Sylvia
29 Shake It Up Mickey and Sylvia
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Rock And Stroll Room Mickey and Sylvia
2 Bewildered Mickey and Sylvia
3 It's You I Love Mickey and Sylvia
4 True, True Love Mickey and Sylvia
5 Ooh-Sha-Lala Mickey and Kitty
6 St. Louis Blues Mickey and Kitty
7 My Reverie Mickey and Kitty
8 Third Man Theme Mickey "Guitar" Baker
9 Whistle Stop Mickey Baker
10 Midnight Midnight Mickey Baker
11 Autumn Leaves Mickey Baker
12 Milk Train Mickey Baker
13 Old Devil Moon Mickey Baker
14 Chloe Mickey Baker
15 Baker's Dozen Mickey Baker
16 Gloomy Sunday Mickey Baker
17 To The Valley Mickey and Sylvia
18 Oh Yeah! Uh-Huh Mickey and Sylvia
19 Sweeter As The Days Go By Mickey and Sylvia
20 Mommy Out De Light Mickey and Sylvia
21 What Would I Do Mickey and Sylvia
22 This Is My Story Mickey and Sylvia
23 Love Is The Only Thing Mickey and Sylvia
24 Love Lesson Mickey and Sylvia
25 Baby You're So Fine Mickey and Sylvia
26 Lovedrops Mickey and Sylvia
27 Darling (I Miss You So) Mickey and Sylvia
28 I'm Guilty Mickey and Sylvia
29 Since I Fell For You Mickey and Sylvia
30 He Gave Me Everything Mickey and Sylvia
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