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Merle Travis Singles Collection 1946-56

Merle Travis Singles Collection 1946-56

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Merle Travis was a significant personality and influential country music stylist as a singer, songwriter, and notably as a guitarist, to the extent that he had an instrumental technique named after him, called “Travis picking”, which many musicians who came after him sought to emulate, not least among them Chet Atkins. His music was rooted in his home state of Kentucky, with the lives of its inhabitants, most notably the mining community, providing him with a rich source of material for his songs - hits like “Sixteen Tons” and “Dark As The Dungeon” reflected those origins, providing hits for other artists as well as himself. He recorded a few sessions for different labels before he began recording for Capitol in 1946, and was with the company until the end of the 1960s.

This release shows a selection of Travis' A and B sides for Capitol during the initial decade or so of his time with the label and all of his top 20 chart hits. The recordings cover the gamut of country styles, showcasing his talents as singer, writer and guitarist, and includes his No. 1s “Divorce Me C.O.D.” and “So Round, So Firm, So Fully-Packed”, plus his other Top 5 hits “Cincinnati Lou”, “No Vacancy”, “Fat Gal”, “Missouri”, “Steel Guitar Rag”, “Three Times Seven” and “Merle’s Boogie Woogie”. This collection brings together a concise play list for one of modern country music’s true pioneers.


Whether it's a novelty, a straight country song, ballad, story song, instrumental or blues, Travis delivers on every count. This 3CD set on Acrobat hits the spot and ideally demonstrates the major talent that was and remains Merle Travis. - Howard Cockburn (Now Dig This Issue 451)

“A handsome three CD collection spotlighting a most influential and enduring country music musician who sang, played guitar and wrote much of his repertoire. 84 tracks here which provide a comprehensive overview of the most fruitful period of his career. Although very much in the country music idiom of its period, his music has appeal beyond the confines of that genre and this is a collection which I am sure will find widespread acceptance, especially for those prepared to venture off the beaten track. It goes without saying, the usual attention to detail from Acrobat in presentation and an informative commentary by Paul Watts, who unfailingly always puts whatever music he is writing about in its proper context.”  –  Gerry Stonestreet  (In Tune Issue 342)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 No Vacancy Merle Travis
2 Cincinnati Lou Merle Travis
3 Missouri Merle Travis
4 Divorce Me C.O.D Merle Travis
5 Sweet Temptation Merle Travis
6 So Round, So Firm, So Fulled Packed Merle Travis
7 Three Times Seven Merle Travis
8 Steel Guitar Rag Merle Travis
9 I'm Sick And Tired Of You, Little Darling Merle Travis
10 Lawdy, What A Gal Merle Travis
11 John Henry Merle Travis
12 Nine Pound Hammer Merle Travis
13 Dark As A Dungeon Merle Travis
14 Sixteen Tons Merle Travis
15 Over By Number Nine Merle Travis
16 That’s All Merle Travis
17 Muskrat Merle Travis
18 I Am A Pilgrim Merle Travis
19 Sioux City Sue Merle Travis
20 Fat Gal Merle Travis
21 Merle's Boogie Woogie Merle Travis
22 I Like My Chicken Fryin' Size Merle Travis
23 Follow Thru Merle Travis
23 Spoonin' Moon Merle Travis
24 Too Much Sugar Merle Travis
24 Information Please Merle Travis
25 The Devil To Pay Merle Travis
26 Kentucky Means Paradise Merle Travis
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 When My Baby Double Talks To Me Merle Travis
2 A Fool At The Steering Wheel Merle Travis
3 Alimony Bound Merle Travis
4 I’m A Natural Born Gamblin’ Man Merle Travis
5 Crazy Boogie Merle Travis
6 T For Texas Merle Travis
7 Leave My Honey Bee Alone Merle Travis
8 What A Shame Merle Travis
9 Dapper Dan Merle Travis
10 Get Along Blues Merle Travis
11 Walkin' The Strings Merle Travis
12 Fuller Blues Merle Travis
13 Blue Smoke Merle Travis
14 God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds Merle Travis & Wesley Tuttle
15 It May Be Too Late Merle Travis & Wesley Tuttle
16 Blues Stay Away From Me Merle Travis, Eddie Kirk and Tennessee Ernie Ford
17 Philosophy Merle Travis, Eddie Kirk and Tennessee Ernie Ford
18 I'm Pickin' Up The Pieces Of My Heart Merle Travis
19 Petticoat Fever Merle Travis
20 Start Even Merle Travis
21 Cane Bottom Chair Merle Travis
22 Guitar Rag Merle Travis
25 El Reno Merle Travis
26 Trouble, Trouble Merle Travis
27 Wont'cha Be My Baby Merle Travis
28 Dry Bread Merle Travis
29 Boogie In Minor Merle Travis
Disc 3
Track Title Artist
1 Deep South Merle Travis
2 Let's Settle Down Merle Travis
3 Lost John Boogie Merle Travis
4 Done Rovin' Merle Travis
5 Faithful Fool Merle Travis
6 Kinfolks In Carolina Merle Travis
7 A Rainy Day Feeling Merle Travis
8 Too Fast Past Merle Travis
9 Ain't That A Cryin' Shame? Merle Travis
10 Cannon Ball Rag Merle Travis
11 I'll See You In My Dreams Merle Travis
12 Bayou Baby Merle Travis
13 Knee Deep In Trouble Merle Travis
14 I'll Have Myself A Ball Merle Travis
15 Green Cheese Merle Travis
16 Shut Up And Drink Your Beer Merle Travis
17 Gambler's Guitar Merle Travis
18 Re-Enlistment Blues Merle Travis
19 Dance Of The Golden Rod Merle Travis
20 Jolie Fille Merle Travis
21 I Can't Afford The Coffee Merle Travis
22 Love Must Be Ketchin' Merle Travis
23 Louisiana Boogie Merle Travis
24 Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine Merle Travis
25 Beer Barrel Polka Merle Travis
26 If You Want It, I’ve Got It  Merle Travis & The Whippoorwills
27 Hunky Dory Merle Travis & The Whippoorwills
28 Turn My Picture Upside Down Merle Travis
29 Lazy River Merle Travis
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