Marlene Dietrich - The Captivating Voice of Marlene Dietrich 1930-62 LP

Marlene Dietrich - The Captivating Voice of Marlene Dietrich 1930-62 LP

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Marlene Dietrich was one of the most enduring leading lights of the 20th century. She was an artist ahead of her time and her exotic persona challenged many of the accepted norms. Having made her mark in Germany, she turned to Hollywood while building a legitimate career as a studio and ‘live’ singer. Her distinctive and unmistakable style matched her striking looks, and this collection showcases the variety of her repertoire and her versatility as a remarkable vocalist. Pressed on 140g black vinyl, this 15-track LP brings together a selection of singing performances from across her most active years. It includes numbers from her movies and studio recordings, both pre-war and then in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as some of her ‘live’ recordings. A fascinating and enjoyable celebration of unique and distinctive star.

Side A

1. FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN Marlene Dietrich (Friedrich Hollaender, Sammy Lerner) 1930
2. NAUGHTY LOLA Marlene Dietrich (Friedrich Hollaender, Robert Liebmann) 1930
3. JONNY Marlene Dietrich (Friedrich Hollaender) 1931
4. YOU LITTLE SO AND SO Marlene Dietrich (Sam Coslow, Leo Robin) 1932
5. YOU DO SOMETHING TO ME Marlene Dietrich (Cole Porter) 1939
6. SEE WHAT THE BOYS IN THE BACK ROOM WILL HAVE Marlene Dietrich (Friedrich Hollaender, Frank Loesser) 1939
7. LILI MARLENE Marlene Dietrich (Norbert Schultze) 1945
8. SAG MIR ADIEU (TIME ON MY HANDS) Marlene Dietrich (Harold Adamson, Mack Gordon, Vincent Youmans) 1951

Side 2

1. TOO OLD TO CUT THE MUSTARD Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney (Bill Carlisle) 1952
2. DOT'S NICE — DONNA FIGHT Marlene Dietrich (Max Showalter, Ross Bagdasarian) 1953
3. LA VIE EN ROSE Marlene Dietrich (Louiguy, Edith Piaf ) 1954
4. ICH HAB' NOCH EINEN KOFFER IN BERLIN Marlene Dietrich (Ralph Maria Siegel, Aldo von Pinelli) 1954
5. I MAY NEVER GO HOME ANYMORE Marlene Dietrich (Ralph Arthur Roberts, Jack Brooks) 1957
6. MARIE MARIE Marlene Dietrich (Pierre Delanoe) 1962
7. OÙ VONT LES FLEURS Marlene Dietrich (F Lemarque, R. Rouzaud, P. Seeger) 1962

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