Lloyd Price - Mr Personality - The R&B Hits 1952-60 LP

Lloyd Price - Mr Personality - The R&B Hits 1952-60 LP

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Lloyd Price -  Mr Personality - The R&B Hits 1952-60

Without question, Lloyd Price was one of the key protagonists for the rock ‘n’ roll explosion of the mid-fifties. Taking the gritty style of New Orleans R&B, where he started, he adapted it with innovative instrumental arrangements alongside the emergence of rock ‘n’ roll during the late ‘50s. Before the likes of Martin Luther King started smashing the cultural barriers down, Lloyd “Mr Personality” Price was already bringing the black and white youth together through his music. Of his 1952 hit, Lloyd pronounced “I revolutionised the South! Before Lawdy Miss Clawdy white kids were not really interested in this music”. He went on to achieve a remarkable run of pop and R&B successes throughout the decade with over 30 chart entries, a combined 11 top ten hits and 4 no. 1’s.

This stunning 18 track collection concentrates on the biggest R&B hits he enjoyed from the debut smash hit Lawdy Miss Clawdy in 1952 through, Personality, I’m Gonna Get Married, Come Into My Heart to his last top ten hit in 1960 Question. Along the way, the listener can hear not only how ‘Mr Personality’ influenced rock ‘n’ roll, but also how he embraced the new genre with great success.

Track Listing

A1 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
A2 - Oooh-Oooh-Oooh
A3 - Restless Heart
A4 - Ain't It A Shame
A5 - Tell Me Pretty Baby
A6 - Just Because
A7 - Stagger Lee
A8 - Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)
A9 - Have You Ever Had The Blues?

B1 - Personality
B2 - I'm Gonna Get Married
B3 - Three Little Pigs
B4 - Come Into My Heart
B5 - Wont'cha Come Home
B6 - Lady Luck
B7 - Never Let Me Go
B8 - No If's - No And's
B9 - Question

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