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Lil Green - Why Don’t You Do Right: The Collection

Lil Green - Why Don’t You Do Right: The Collection

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Lil Green was one of the leading female American blues and R&B singers and songwriters of the 1940s. With a sensuous soprano voice, and a fine sense of both phrasing and timing, she was one of the most distinctive blues song stylists of her day.

Originally named Lillian Green or Lillie May Johnson, she was born in Mississippi and was brought up with the music of the Delta. After the early deaths of her parents, she began performing in her teens and, having honed her craft in the church performing gospel, she sang in Mississippi jukes, before heading to Chicago, Illinois, in 1929, where she would make all of her recordings. She was reportedly 18 when she recorded her first session for the 35-cent Bluebird subsidiary of RCA. In the 1930s she and Big Bill Broonzy had a nightclub act together.

This 51-track collection comprises just about all the A & B sides of her career releases on Bluebird, Victor, Aladdin and Atlantic labels. It includes her Top 10 R&B hit Let’s Be Friends and her classic songs Romance In The Dark and Why Don’t You Do Right. With compositions from notable writers such as Broonzy and  Joe McCoy, as well as her self-penned material and her versions of many popular standards,  this compilation features performances with Champion Jack Dupree, Big Bill Broonzy, Ransom Knowling, Simeon Henry, Budd Johnson and other noted musicians from the Chicago scene.

While not being an absolutely complete or definitive anthology, this collection offers a substantial proportion of her career recordings, and is a fine showcase for her highly individual style. In April 1954, Green died of pneumonia in Chicago, and left behind a legacy which, it is hoped, is highlighted and celebrated in this two-disc collection.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Cherry Tree Blues Lil Green


Just Rocking Lil Green
3 What Have I Done Lil Green
4 Romance In The Dark Lil Green
5 My Mellow Man Lil Green
6 Give Your Mama One Big Smile Lil Green
7 Knockin' Myself Out Lil Green
8 I Won't Sell My Love Lil Green
9 Love Me Lil Green
10 Why Don't You Do Right ? Lil Green
11 Country Boy Blues Lil Green
12 What's The Matter With Love? Lil Green
13 How Can I Go On Lil Green
14 I'm Going To Copyright Your Kisses Lil Green
15 You're Just Full Of Jive Lil Green
16 If I Didn't Love You Lil Green
17 Hello Babe Lil Green
18 I'm Going To Start A Racket Lil Green
19 Let's Be Friends Lil Green
20 I Don't Know What I Will Do Lil Green
21 If I'm A Fool Lil Green
22 I Have A Place To Go Lil Green
23 You Got Me To The Place Lil Green
24 I'm Wasting My Time On You Lil Green
25 99 Blues Lil Green
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 If You Want To Share Your Love Lil Green
2 No, Baby, Nobody But You Lil Green
3 Boy Friend Lil Green
4 Mr. Jackson From Jacksonville Lil Green
5 Now What Do You Think? Lil Green
6 It's Bad With My Man And Me Lil Green & Her Trio
7 Blowtop Blues Lil Green & Her Orchestra
8 Last Go Round Blues Lil Green & Her Orchestra
9 That Old Feeling Lil Green & Her Orchestra
10 How Come You Do Me Like You Do Lil Green & Her Orchestra
11 No Good Man Lil Green & Her Orchestra
12 Take Me Back To Little Rock Lil Green & Her Orchestra
13 You've Been A Good Ole Wagon Lil Green & Her Orchestra
14 I Want A Good Man Bad Lil Green & Her Orchestra
15 Outside Of That Lil Green & Her Orchestra
16 Lonely Woman Lil Green & Her Orchestra
17 Aggravatin' Papa Lil Green & Her Orchestra
18 Them There Eyes Lil Green & Her Orchestra
19 Daddy, Daddy Blues Lil Green & Her Orchestra
20 Rock Me Baby Lil Green & Her Orchestra
21 I Want A Man Lil Green & Her Orchestra
22 Walkin' And Talkin' (And Cryin' My Blues Away) Lil Green & Her Orchestra
23 My Be Bop Daddy Lil Green & Her Band
24 Running Around In Circles Lil Green & Her Band
25 Every Time Lil Green With Howard Biggs Orchestra
26 I've Got That Feeling Lil Green
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