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Kokomo Arnold Collection 1930-38 (2CD)

Kokomo Arnold Collection 1930-38 (2CD)

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James “Kokomo” Arnold was a blues singer, songwriter and left–handed slide guitarist from Georgia, who eventually ended up in Chicago where he ran a bootlegging business during the prohibition years of the 1920s. After making a record in Memphis in 1930 under the name of Gitfiddle Jim, he started playing professionally in Chicago when prohibition came to an end in 1933, and began recording for Decca after being introduced to producer Mayo Williams. He recorded regularly in Chicago from 1934 to 1937, sometimes working with pianist Peetie Wheatstraw, and wrote and recorded many songs which proved highly influential in later years.

This 49-track collection comprises selected A and B sides of the 40 or so solo releases he had during his career, which we trust provides a substantial and representative cross-section of his career output, before he became disillusioned and simply gave up performing and recording when he realised how little he was making from his work. It features his most influential songs, including “Original Kokomo Blues”, the song which gave him his name, and which Robert Johnson adapted as “Sweet Home Chicago”, “Millk Cow Blues”, which Johnson also adapted as “Milkcow Calf’s Blues” and was later recorded by Elvis Presley,, “Sagefield Woman Blues”, which introduced the phrase “dust my broom” into blues parlance, and “Sissy Man Blues”. It’s a fascinating showcase for an artist who had a significant influence during his short career as a recording artist.


One of he most frenetic of 1930s blues artists, with a tendency to charge headlong through a song, as if he's being chased by a jealous husband, Kokomo Arnold is also one of the most unmistakeable. His fast, busy guitar playing matches strident vocals, which often lapses into humming, buzzing and other noises. Arnold is one of those artists who, if he had only recorded a dozen sides before disappearing, would probably have been revered by blues collectors. A long(ish) and very prolific career probably took the edge off his reputation a bit. This release is packed with terrific performances by one of the most individual blues artists of his day. - Ray Templeton (Blues & Rhythm February 2021)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Paddlin' Blues Gitfiddle Jim
2 Milk Cow Blues Kokomo Arnold
3 Old Original Kokomo Blues Kokomo Arnold
4 Sagefield Woman Blues Kokomo Arnold
5 Back To The Woods Kokomo Arnold
6 Sissy Man Blues Kokomo Arnold
7 Old Black Cat Blues (Jinx Blues) Kokomo Arnold
8 Milk Cow Blues No.2 Kokomo Arnold
9 Black Money Blues Kokomo Arnold
10 How Long, How Long Blues Kokomo Arnold
11 The Twelves (The Dirty Dozen) Kokomo Arnold
12 Slop Jar Blues Kokomo Arnold
13 Cause You're Dirty Kokomo Arnold
14 Milk Cow Blues No.3 Kokomo Arnold
15 Big Leg Mama (John Russel Blues) Kokomo Arnold
16 Monday Morning Blues Kokomo Arnold
17 Busy Bootin' Kokomo Arnold
18 Policy Wheel Blues Kokomo Arnold
19 Traveling Rambler Blues Kokomo Arnold
20 Front Door Blues (3220 Blues) Kokomo Arnold
21 Milk Cow Blues No.4 Kokomo Arnold
22 Down And Out Blues Kokomo Arnold
23 I Can't Get Enough Of That Stuff Kokomo Arnold
24 I'll Be Up Some Day Kokomo Arnold
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Stop Look And Listen Kokomo Arnold
2 Let Your Money Talk Kokomo Arnold
3 Mule Laid Down And Died Kokomo Arnold
4 Shake That Thing Kokomo Arnold
5 Running Drunk Again Kokomo Arnold
6 Mister Charlie Kokomo Arnold
7 Lonesome Road Blues Kokomo Arnold
8 Salty Dog Kokomo Arnold
9 Sister Jane Cross The Hall Kokomo Arnold
10 Wild Water Blues Kokomo Arnold
11 Laugh And Grin Blues Kokomo Arnold
12 Backfence Picket Blues Kokomo Arnold
13 Black Mattie Kokomo Arnold
14 Red Beans And Rice Kokomo Arnold
15 Set Down Gal Kokomo Arnold
16 Shine On Moon (Shine Shine On) Kokomo Arnold
17 Head Cuttin' Blues Kokomo Arnold
18 Neck Bone Blues Kokomo Arnold
19 Buddie Brown Blues (Rolling Time) Kokomo Arnold
20 Kid Man Blues Kokomo Arnold
21 Going Down In Galilee (Swing Along With Me) Kokomo Arnold
22 Something's Hot Kokomo Arnold
23 Your Ways And Actions Kokomo Arnold
24 Bad Luck Blues Kokomo Arnold
25 My Well Is Dry Kokomo Arnold
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