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June Valli Singles & EPs Collection 1951-62

June Valli Singles & EPs Collection 1951-62

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June Valli was a ubiquitous personality on US TV through the 1950s, having come to the fore by the time-honoured route that she shared with many US pop stars, of winning the ‘Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts’ TV show, leading to appearances on the Perry Como and Ed Sullivan shows as well as residencies on the ‘Stop The Music’ and ‘Your Hit Parade’ programmes. The Arthur Godfrey success led to a recording contract with RCA, with whom she stayed until she signed to Mercury in 1958 and then to United Artists in 1962. She was one of those middle ground pop artists who managed to make the transition from the early ‘50s style into the post-rock ‘n’ roll era, which enabled her to have chart hits from 1952 through to 1960.

This collection focuses on her single and EP releases during the first decade of her career through to 1962, by which time she had started to turn her attention towards the album market. It comprises a portion of her A & B sides from this era, along with the tracks form her 1956 EPs “All Alone”, “The Torch” and “Body And Soul”. Also featured her are her career chart entries, including the Top 10 hits “Crying In The Chapel” and “I Understand”, as well as versions of big hit songs of the time, “Unchained Melody” and “The Wedding”. This creates an enjoyable showcase for the talent which kept her in the public eye and retained a fan base through a changing musical landscape.


“June Valli was a talented New Yorker of Italian extraction who over more than a decade made some excellent records without ever hitting a consistent run of success. One looks at the new release information with great interest each month so it was with a mixture of anticipation and something of surprise when this three CD set was announced and full credit to Acrobat for committing to such a project for a singer whose name is hardly in the 'household' bracket. I don't recall any other label attempting a retrospective of this magnitude so this is a very welcome round up of her career. Not complete, but as good as we are ever going to get, with 83 chronologically ordered tracks spanning eleven years over the three CDs. The accompanying booklet contains full discographical information as usual and the biographical notes have obviously been extensively researched, throwing up a lot of interesting quotes. Once again plaudits to Acrobat for assembling this very welcome compilation, yet another impressive addition to their burgeoning catalogue of definitive collections.”  –  Gerry Stonestreet  (In Tune Issue 342)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Now, Now, Now June Valli
2 Always, Always June Valli
3 Cry June Valli
4 The Three Bells June Valli
5 So Madly In Love June Valli
6 Strange Sensation June Valli
7 Mighty Lonesome Feelin' June Valli
8 Taboo June Valli
9 A Shoulder To Weep On June Valli
10 Why Don't You Believe Me June Valli
11 Congratulations To Someone June Valli
12 Love And Hate June Valli
13 Brass Ring Love June Valli
14 Many Are The Times June Valli
15 Crying In The Chapel June Valli
16 Love Every Moment You Live June Valli
17 Mystery Street June Valli
18 Don't Forget To Write June Valli
19 Old Shoes And A Bag Of Rice June Valli
20 The Gypsy Was Wrong June Valli
21 I Understand June Valli
22 Love, Tears And Kisses June Valli
23 Tell Me, Tell Me June Valli
24 Boy Wanted June Valli
25 Tell It To Me Again June Valli
26 Young And Foolish June Valli
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Wrong, Wrong, Wrong June Valli
2 Old Pappy Time June Valli
3 Unchained Melody June Valli
4 Tomorrow June Valli
5 Oh My Love June Valli
6 A Kiss Like Yours June Valli
7 The Things They Say June Valli
8 Por Favor June Valli
9 Oh What A Day June Valli
10 Don't Tell Me Not To Love You June Valli
11 Madonna In Blue June Valli
12 While There's Time June Valli
13 From The Wrong Side Of Town June Valli
14 Sleepy Head June Valli
15 Shangri-La June Valli
16 I've Got Something In My Eye June Valli
17 Beauty Isn't Everything June Valli
18 Now June Valli
19 One For My Baby June Valli
20 Bill June Valli
21 All Alone June Valli
22 I Get Along Without You Very Well June Valli
23 Stormy Weather June Valli
24 You've Got Me Crying June Valli
25 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good June Valli
26 Don't Take Your Love From Me June Valli
27 Body And Soul June Valli
Disc 3
Track Title Artist
1 My Man June Valli
2 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man June Valli
3 But Not For Me June Valli
4 Strictly Sentimental June Valli
5 Will You Love Me Still June Valli
6 Baby Come Home June Valli
7 Open Your Arms June Valli
8 Bring Back My Love June Valli
9 Shake Hands With A Fool June Valli
10 Dance With Me June Valli
11 La Santa Venuta June Valli
12 The Wedding June Valli
13 Lunch Hour June Valli
14 Answer To A Maiden's Prayer June Valli
15 Bygones June Valli
16 An Anonymous Letter June Valli
17 You Were Meant For Me June Valli
18 Shadows June Valli
19 My Darling, My Darling June Valli
20 Apple Green June Valli
21 Oh Why June Valli
22 I'll Step Aside June Valli
23 Looking At The World June Valli
24 Borrowed Kisses June Valli
25 Weep For Me Lover June Valli
26 Guess Things Happen That Way June Valli
27 Tell Him For Me June Valli
28 The World We Love In June Valli
29 Hush Little Baby June Valli
30 I'm Afraid June Valli
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