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June Hutton Collection 1945-55

June Hutton Collection 1945-55

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June Hutton, half-sister of singer and band leader Ina Ray Hutton, was a big band vocalist, member of the successful vocal group The Pied Pipers, and subsequently a hit-making solo artist on both sides of the Atlantic during the 1950s, before recording a number of sophisticated middle-of-the road pop albums with the burgeoning of the stereo long-player market during that era. She was a member of The Stardusters vocal group performing with Charlie Spivak’s orchestra before replacing Jo Stafford in The Pied Pipers vocal group in 1944, appearing not only on their hits during the 1940s, but also on some of Johnny Mercer’s vocal hits, as well as performing and recording with Artie Shaw’s Orchestra. She left the Pied Pipers in in 1949 to pursue a solo career for Decca and then Capitol during the 1950s.

This collection includes the Top 10 hits she had as the only female member of The Pied Pipers, along with most of her A & B sides for Decca and Capitol, including recordings with Artie Shaw's Gramercy Five, plus her duet single with Gordon MacRae and titles from her album with him “By The Light Of The Silvery Moon”, and all the titles from her album “Afterglow”, recorded with her arranger/conductor husband Axel Stordahl. It’s a fascinating and entertaining cross-section of her work and versatility as a distinctive vocal stylist.


“This is a welcome release from Acrobat, who continue to provide us with a steady stream of new releases that go way beyond the predictable. An excellent collection showing June Hutton to be a fine singer who deserved far greater success than her somewhat unfulfilled career achieved. Excellent biographical notes and track commentary helps to fill in the many gaps in our knowledge of her life.”  –  Gerry Stonestreet  (In Tune Issue 341)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Dream The Pied Pipers
2 In the Moon Mist The Pied Pipers
3 Open the Door Richard The Pied Pipers
4 Mam'selle The Pied Pipers
5 My Happiness The Pied Pipers
6 Be Mine Vic Schoen & His Orchestra with June Hutton
7 Tenderly Vic Schoen & His Orchestra with June Hutton
8 My Sweetie Went Away June Hutton
9 More Than I Should June Hutton
10 Tear Drops From My Eyes June Hutton
11 If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time June Hutton
12 My Kinda Love Artie Shaw's Gramercy Five with June Hutton
13 Dancing On The Ceiling (He Dances On My Ceiling) Artie Shaw & His Gramercy Five with June Hutton
14 Nothing June Hutton
15 Bye, Honey, Bye-Bye June Hutton
16 Walkin' June Hutton
17 Thanks June Hutton
18 I Miss You So June Hutton
19 I Had A Little Too Much To Dream June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
20 Song Of The Sleigh Bells June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
21 The Lights Of Home June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
22 You Are My Love June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
23 Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart) June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
24 Say You're Mine Again June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
25 I'll Forget You June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Oh Those Lonely Nights June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
2 No Stone Unturned June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
3 Rather Than Just See You Once In Awhile June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
4 If It's The Last Thing I Do June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
5 For The First Time (In A Long Time) June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
6 Too Little Time June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
7 Gee June Hutton & Axel Stordahl
8 Coney Island Boat Gordon MacRae & June Hutton
9 Your Eyes Have Told Me So Gordon MacRae & June Hutton
10 Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee Gordon MacRae & June Hutton
11 Ain't We Got Fun Gordon MacRae & June Hutton
12 If You Were The Only Girl Gordon MacRae & June Hutton
13 By the Light of the Silvery Moon Gordon MacRae & June Hutton
14 Never In A Million Years With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
15 Gone With The Wind With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
16 Until The Real Thing Comes Along With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
17 I Should Care With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
18 It's The Talk Of The Town With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
19 You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
20 Day By Day With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
21 East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
22 Taking A Chance On Love With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
23 I Hadn't Anyone Till You With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
24 My Baby Just Cares For Me With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
25 Dream A Little Dream Of Me With Alex Stordahl & The Boys Next Door
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