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Josh White - The Early Years Collection 1929-36

Josh White - The Early Years Collection 1929-36

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Josh White was an entertainer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor and civil rights activist, who became a very public face of protest in the 1940s and was well-known and popular in showbiz circles. However, his early career, having been born in South Carolina in 1914, was as a street performer working with blind blues singers, dancing, singing and collecting money. Making his way with Blind Joe Taggart to Chicago in 1927, he made his first recordings with Taggart in 1929, and a couple of years later started recording in his own right as a solo artist.

He recorded under various names for the American Record Corporation (ARC) which owned several imprints releasing records for dime store chains as well as the mainstream market, and his records came out variously on the Melotone, Banner, Perfect, Oriole, Romeo and Conqueror labels. He recorded initially as Joshua White, and then in blues style as Pinewood Tom, sometimes with a group The Blue Hounds, and in gospel style as Joshua White (The Singing Christian). This 48-track set features one title for Paramount with Blind Joe Taggart, and then selected sides on the labels mentioned in his various guises through to 1936, when his career was interrupted for a couple of years by a hand injury until he returned to record for major labels.

From 1947 through the mid-1960s, White was caught up in the anti-communist Red Scare, and as a consequence his career suffered. Nonetheless, White’s musical style would go on to influence several generations of musical artists.

This compilation includes many of his notable compositions, and underlines his authenticity as a blues performer.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Scandalous And A Shame Blind Joe Taggart & Joshua White


Black And Evil Blues Joshua White
3 Little Brother Blues Joshua White
4 Baby, Won't You Doodle-Doo-Doo Joshua White
5 High Brown Cheater Joshua White
6 Bad Depression Blues Joshua White & His Guitar
7 Howling Wolf Blues Joshua White & His Guitar
8 Crying Blues Joshua White
9 Double Crossing Woman Joshua White
10 Good Gal Pinewood Tom
11 Downhearted Man Blues Joshua White
12 Lazy Snake Blues Joshua White
13 Low Cotton Joshua White
14 Blood Red River Joshua White
15 Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed Joshua White
16 Motherless Children Joshua White
17 Pure Religion Hallilu Joshua White
18 I Don't Intend To Die In Egyptland Joshua White
19 There's A Man Going 'Round Taking Names Joshua White
20 Lay Some Flowers On My Grave Joshua White
21 This Heart Of Mine Joshua White (The Singing Christian)
22 Can't Help But Crying Sometime Joshua White (The Singing Christian)
23 Lord, I Want To Die Easy Joshua White (The Singing Christian)
24 Death's Coming Back After You Joshua White (The Singing Christian)
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 You Sinner You Joshua White
2 Stormy Weather No. 1 Pinewood Tom
3 Welfare Blues Pinewood Tom
4 I Believe I'll Make A Change Pinewood Tom
5 Gone Mother Blues Pinewood Tom & His Blue Hounds
6 Evil Man Blues Pinewood Tom & His Blue Hounds
7 Mean Mistreater Mama Pinewood Tom & His Blue Hounds
8 She's Alright With Me Pinewood Tom & His Blue Hounds
9 Black Gal Pinewood Tom
10 Milk Cow Blues Pinewood Tom
11 D.B.A Blues Pinewood Tom
12 Badly Mistreated Man Pinewood Tom
13 Sissy Man Pinewood Tom
14 Gone Dry Blues Pinewood Tom
15 Black Man Pinewood Tom
16 Homeless And Hungry Blues Pinewood Tom
17 Prodigal Son Pinewood Tom
18 I Got A Home In That Rock Joshua White (The Singing Christian)
19 Cherry Picker Pinewood Tom
20 Got The Key To The Kingdom Joshua White (The Singing Christian)
21 Jet Black Woman Pinewood Tom
22 On My Way Joshua White (The Singing Christian)
23 My Soul Is Gonna Live With God Joshua White (The Singing Christian)
24 Silicosis Is Killin' Me Pinewood Tom
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