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Jean Shepard - A Dear John Letter 1953-62

Jean Shepard - A Dear John Letter 1953-62

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The US country charts were for many years in the post-war era the exclusive domain of male artists and it was not until Kitty Wells in 1952, soon followed by Jean Shepard in 1953, that a female artist topped the country charts.

Specialising in songs redolent with the familiar country themes - especially for female artists during those times - of relationships, lost love, betrayal and heartache, and had her first hit at No.1 with A Dear John Letter, which was a duet with Ferlin Husky.

Hailing from Oklahoma, Shepard was born in 1933, and raised in Visalia, California. She signed with Capitol Records in 1952, following the success of Kitty Wells’ It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Shepard cut four songs at her first session with popular band players Jimmy Bryant, Speedy West, Cliffie Stone, and Billy Strange. Her first single for the label in 1952, Crying Steel Guitar Waltz, but it failed to chart, however, she went on to enjoy a lengthy chart career, with more than 40 hits through to 1978.

This 60-track set focuses on the first decade of that career when she established her position as a pioneer for female artists in country. Something of a pioneer, she helped pave the way for the likes of Patsy Cline in the years that followed. It features all her pop and country chart entries between 1953 and ’62, including the country No.1 and pop No.4 A Dear John Letter, plus her other Top 10 country hits Forgive Me, John, A Satisfied Mind, I Thought Of You and Beautiful Lies.

Adapting her sound as the smoother new Nashville sound arrived in the late ‘50s she was nevertheless very much an archetypal exponent of the style of country music associated with female artists during these years and this collection offers both a substantial overview of a key era of her career and showcases her distinctive style.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Crying Steel Guitar Waltz Jean Shepard And Speedy West


Twice The Lovin' Jean Shepard And Speedy West
3 A Dear John Letter Jean Shepard with Ferlin Husky
4 I'd Rather Die Young Jean Shepard
5 Forgive Me, John Jean Shepard with Ferlin Husky
6 My Wedding Ring Jean Shepard
7 The Glass That Stands Beside You Jean Shepard
8 Let's Kiss And Try Again Jean Shepard with Ferlin Husky
9 Two Whoops And A Holler Jean Shepard
10 Why Did You Wait? Jean Shepard
11 You'll Come Crawlin' Back Jean Shepard
12 Don't Fall In Love With A Married Man Jean Shepard
13 Please Don't Divorce Me Jean Shepard
14 Don't Rush Me Jean Shepard
15 Did You Tell Her About Me Jean Shepard
16 You Sent Her An Orchid Jean Shepard
17 Take Possession Jean Shepard
18 A Satisfied Mind Jean Shepard
19 I Thought Of You Jean Shepard
20 Beautiful Lies Jean Shepard
21 This Has Been Your Life Jean Shepard
22 I Learned It All From You Jean Shepard
23 You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again  Jean Shepard
24 He Loved Me Once And He'll Love Me Again Jean Shepard
25 Just Give Me Love Jean Shepard
26 Thank You Just The Same Jean Shepard
27 Tomorrow I'll Be Gone Jean Shepard
28 If You Can Walk Away Jean Shepard
29 Under Suspicion Jean Shepard
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 The Other Woman Jean Shepard
2 It Scares Me Half To Death Jean Shepard
3 Act Like A Married Man Jean Shepard
4 You're Just The Kind Of Guy Jean Shepard
5 I Used To Love You Jean Shepard
6 He's My Baby Jean Shepard
7 Secrets Of Life Jean Shepard
8 Just Another Girl  Jean Shepard
9 I Want To Go Where No One Knows Me Jean Shepard
10 I'll Take The Blame  Jean Shepard
11 Have Heart, Will Love Jean Shepard
12 Jeopardy Jean Shepard
13 Better Love Next Time  Jean Shepard
14 Heartaches, Teardrops And Sorrow Jean Shepard
15 Sweetheart Don't Come Back Jean Shepard
16 The One You Slip Around With Jean Shepard
17 The Mysteries Of Life  Jean Shepard
18 How Do I Tell It To A Child Jean Shepard
19 Lonely Little World  Jean Shepard
20 For The Children's Sake Jean Shepard
21 The Root Of Evil (Is A Man) Jean Shepard
22 No One Knows  Jean Shepard
23 How Long Does It Hurt Jean Shepard
24 If You Were Losing Him To Me Jean Shepard
25 The Biggest Cry Jean Shepard
26 Two Voices, Two Shadows, Two Faces Jean Shepard
27 Your Conscience Or Your Heart Jean Shepard
28 It's Never Too Late Jean Shepard
29 One Less Heartache Jean Shepard
30 It's Torture Jean Shepard
31 I've Learned To Live With You (And Be Alone) Jean Shepard
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