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Five Keys Collection 1951-58

Five Keys Collection 1951-58

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Doowop and R&B vocal group The Five Keys were often called “the group’s group” because they were top class exponents among the doowop fraternity whose style and technique many other groups tried to emulate, and who were instrumental in shaping the genre during the early 1950s. Starting life as The Sentimental Four in Newport News, Virginia, they evolved to become The Five Keys, signing to Aladdin Records in 1951, and later moving to Capitol in 1954, with whom they stayed until 1958.

This 3-CD set comprises their A & B sides for both Aladdin and Capitol during these years, which encompassed their R&B and pop chart career, the repertoire ranging across both new compositions and imaginative interpretations of Great American Songbook standards. It also includes titles from their 1957 album “The Five Keys On Stage”, which were not otherwise recorded as singles. It features all their career hits, including the R&B No. 1 “The Glory Of Love”, and the Top 5 R&B hits “Ling Ling Tong” and “Close Your Eyes” plus the Top 20 hits “’Cause You’re My Lover”, “The Verdict”, “Gee Whittakers” and “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind”. It’s a comprehensive overview of the primary era of their career, when they enjoyed their greatest success and influence, and a fine showcase for the complex and sophisticated harmonies which made them such a definitive doowop group.


“Over the years I’ve reviews dozens of the multi-disc “collections” from the British reissue label Acrobat and nearly everyone was a delight. This set is no different. I am always amazed that Acrobat can find as many recordings by a group, make them sound great, add 24 pages of discographic info and a well-researched essay, and offer it for the same price of a single CD. If you are – like me – a fan of “vocal group harmony”, I can highly recommend this collection with well over THREE HOURS of entertainment. Add 24 pages of discographic info and a well-researched essay, and offer it for the same price of a single CD.”  –  Steve Ramm ( Philadelphia Freelance)

“The Five Keys were one of the many memorable and influential vocal groups to come through the 1950s recording music scene, achieving various R&B chart successes during 1951 – 1956, plus Pop chart entries in 1954-1957, with widely revered live performances and continued longevity in the memories of their fand down through the decades. Paul Watts’ liner notes detail personnel changes, as well as the group’s releases in terms of labels, number and year, songwriters, lead vocalists, some details of studio instrumental support, and chart positions achieved. There is also a list of dates and session details covering virtually all the recordings included. Overall, a strong compilation, with good vocals and harmonies throughout, covering important years and recordings.”  –  Seamus McGarvey (Now Dig This Issue 448)

“Wow! Over three and a half hours of the Five Keys! Of all the thousands of vocal groups who recorded during the 1950s, none are revered more than The Keys. If you were to try to collect the original releases nowadays, you'd have to mortgage your house, sell the car, put the wife on the streets and send the kids out sweeping chimneys. However, there's no need to go to such extremes when Acrobat have made it rather easier to own these fabulous sides for the price of two or three pints. Of course, the path's been largely trodden before, however this set is the most 'complete' by far. Lengthy and well-written sleeve notes by Paul Watts and basic discographical details are contained in the 24-page booklet, which along with excellent sound, adds up to the best yet compilation, and certainly best value set, of possibly the major vocal harmony group of the 1950s.”  –  Tony Watson (Blues & Rhythm Issue 352)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 With A Broken Heart The Five Keys
2 Too Late The Five Keys
3 The Glory Of Love The Five Keys
4 Hucklebuck With Jimmy The Five Keys
5 It's Christmas Time The Five Keys
6 Yes Sir That's My Baby The Five Keys
7 Old Mac Donald The Five Keys
8 Darling The Five Keys
9 Goin' Downtown The Five Keys
10 Be Anything, But Be Mine The Five Keys
11 Red Sails In The Sunset The Five Keys
12 Mistakes The Five Keys
13 How Long The Five Keys
14 I Hadn't Anyone Till You The Five Keys
15 Hold Me The Five Keys
16 I Cried For You The Five Keys
17 Serve Another Round The Five Keys
18 Can't Keep From Crying The Five Keys
19 Come Go My Bail, Louise The Five Keys
20 Mama (Your Daughter Told A Lie On Me) The Five Keys
21 There Ought To Be A Law (Against Breaking A Heart) The Five Keys
22 I'll Always Be In Love With You The Five Keys
23 Rocking And Crying Blues The Five Keys
24 These Foolish Things The Five Keys
25 Lonesome Old Story The Five Keys
26 I'm So High The Five Keys
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Teardrops In Your Eyes The Five Keys
2 Oh! Babe! The Five Keys
3 My Saddest Hour The Five Keys
4 Someday Sweetheart The Five Keys
5 Love My Loving The Five Keys
6 Deep In My Heart The Five Keys
7 How Do You Expect Me To Get It The Five Keys
8 My Love The Five Keys
9 Why, Oh Why The Five Keys
10 Story Of Love The Five Keys
11 I'll Follow You The Five Keys
12 Lawdy Miss Mary The Five Keys
13 Ling, Ting, Tong The Five Keys
14 I'm Alone The Five Keys
15 Close Your Eyes The Five Keys
16 Doggone It, You Did It The Five Keys
17 The Verdict The Five Keys
18 Me Make Um Pow Wow The Five Keys
19 Don't You Know I Love You The Five Keys
20 I Wish I'd Never Learned To Read The Five Keys
21 Cause You're My Lover The Five Keys
22 Gee Whittakers The Five Keys
23 What Goes On The Five Keys
24 You Broke The Rules Of Love The Five Keys
25 I Dreamt I Dwelt In Heaven The Five Keys
26 She's The Most The Five Keys
27 Peace And Love The Five Keys
28 My Pigeon's Gone The Five Keys
Disc 3
Track Title Artist
1 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind The Five Keys
2 That's Right The Five Keys
3 Wisdom Of A Fool The Five Keys
4 Now Don't That Prove I Love You The Five Keys
5 Let There Be You The Five Keys
6 Tiger Lily The Five Keys
7 It's A Groove The Five Keys
8 Four Walls The Five Keys
9 The Blues Don't Care The Five Keys
10 This I Promise You The Five Keys
11 The Face Of An Angel The Five Keys
12 Boom-Boom The Five Keys
13 Do Anything The Five Keys
14 It's A Cryin' Shame The Five Keys
15 From Me To You The Five Keys
16 Whippety Whirl The Five Keys
17 With All My Love The Five Keys
18 You're For Me The Five Keys
19 Handy Andy The Five Keys
20 Emily Please The Five Keys
21 One Great Love The Five Keys
22 Really-O Truly-O The Five Keys
23 Just For The Thrill The Five Keys
24 Who Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You The Angel You Are?) The Five Keys
25 To Each His Own The Five Keys
26 Maybe You'll Be There The Five Keys
27 The Gypsy The Five Keys
28 From The Bottom Of My Heart The Five Keys
29 C'est La Vie The Five Keys
30 Dream The Five Keys
31 All I Need Is You The Five Keys
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