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Evelyn Knight Collection 1944-54 (2CD)

Evelyn Knight Collection 1944-54 (2CD)

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Evelyn Knight was a nightclub singer who came to the fore as a recording artist in the immediate post-war era as other performers like Dinah Shore and Jo Stafford were signalling the start of the decline of the big bands and the rise of the popularity of solo vocalists. Writer Damon Runyon described her in one of his newspaper columns as “a lissom blonde lassie with a gentle little voice and a face mother would not mind having brought home to her”, and she was one of the artists who was at the forefront of TV variety shows during these years.

We have selected A & B sides from her releases on Decca over the decade or so which comprised her primary recording career before she largely withdrew from the business after rock ‘n’ roll changed the pop scene so dramatically. It features her twelve career hits, including the No. 1s “A Little Bird Told Me” and “Powder Your Face With Sunshine”, and the Top 10 hits “Dance With A Dolly”, “Chickery Chick” and “Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes”, and includes duets with Dick Haymes, Bing Crosby, Hoagy Carmichael, Foster Carling and Red Foley. It’s a substantial and enjoyable sample of her work and a musical window onto the era which was sometimes called the golden age of popular music.


“As with so many of the fine singers from the immediate post war period up to the rock revolution, Evelyn Knight has become largely forgotten so sets like this are invaluable in bringing her name to the fore once again. Evelyn Knight was clearly a very accomplished singer capable of handling all kinds of material but the public seemingly preferred her upbeat novelty songs so the commercial imperative was to keep to that style. It is good to be reminded of another of the lesser lights of the post war music scene, and as with the Mindy Carson set, likely to be the definitive Evelyn Knight collection. No praise is too high for the Acrobat label in making so much of this music available. Their catalogue is so impressive and each month seems to bring new treasures, so long may it continue.”   –  Gerry Stonestreet (In Tune Issue 343)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Dance With A Dolly Evelyn Knight
2 Without A Sweetheart Evelyn Knight
3 Grandfather's Clock Evelyn Knight
4 The Lass With The Delicate Air Evelyn Knight
5 Chickery Chick Evelyn Knight & The Jesters
6 Let Him Go - Let Him Tarry Evelyn Knight & The Jesters
7 It's My Lazy Day Evelyn Knight & The Tune Twisters
8 Passe Evelyn Knight
9 Saloon Evelyn Knight
10 Passing By Evelyn Knight
11 Betsy Evelyn Knight
12 Buttons And Bows Evelyn Knight
13 I Know Where I'm Going Evelyn Knight
14 A Little Bird Told Me Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters
15 Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters
16 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!) Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters
17 One Sunday Afternoon Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters
18 Everywhere You Go Bing Crosby & Evelyn Knight
19 You're So Understanding Evelyn Knight And The 4 Hits And A Miss
20 It's Too Late Now Evelyn Knight And The 4 Hits And A Miss
21 A Wonderful Guy Evelyn Knight
22 A Cockeyed Optimist Evelyn Knight
23 Be Goody Good Good To Me Evelyn Knight And The 4 Hits And A Miss
24 Play That Barber Shop Chord Evelyn Knight And Foster Carling
25 Love’s A Precious Thing Evelyn Knight
26 I’m In Love Dick Haymes And Evelyn Knight
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 I Came Here To Be Went With But I Ain’t Been Yet Evelyn Knight
2 Crocodile Tears Hoagy Carmichael And Evelyn Knight
3 I Remember The Cornfields Evelyn Knight
4 Candy And Cake Evelyn Knight
5 A Woman Likes To Be Told Evelyn Knight
6 On An Ordinary Morning Evelyn Knight
7 Choc'late Ice Cream Cone Evelyn Knight
8 Blind Date Dick Haymes And Evelyn Knight
9 All Dressed Up To Smile Evelyn Knight & Ray Charles Singers
10 Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me Evelyn Knight
11 I'm In The Middle Of A Riddle Evelyn Knight And Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians
12 I Am Loved Evelyn Knight
13 My Heart Cries For You Evelyn Knight and Red Foley
14 That's How Our Love Will Grow Evelyn Knight
15 Lovely Is The Evening Evelyn Knight & Ray Charles Singers
16 Crawdad Song Red Foley And Evelyn Knight
17 Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You Evelyn Knight
18 This Is The Kiss Evelyn Knight
19 I'd Rather Be Evelyn Knight
20 Little Boy Evelyn Knight
21 Life Is A Beautiful Thing Evelyn Knight
22 Snowflakes Guy Lombardo And Evelyn Knight
23 The Purtiest Little Tree Evelyn Knight
24 Lonesome And Blue Evelyn Knight
25 It's Best We Say Goodbye Evelyn Knight
26 If The Sun Isn't Shining In Your Window Evelyn Knight
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