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Ethel Waters - Stormy Weather: The Hits 1921-47

Ethel Waters - Stormy Weather: The Hits 1921-47

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Ethel Waters was a singer and actress from Pennsylvania whose music ranged across jazz, stage musicals, movies and pure pop in a career that spanned more than three decades. Raised in poverty by her grandmother, she performed as a child in vaudeville before joining a carnival. However, she did not last long with them and headed to Atlanta, where she worked in the same club as Bessie Smith. Around 1919, Waters moved to Harlem and it was here she built her reputation as a premier performer.

She started her recording career at the dawn of the jazz age around the time she became a huge attraction on Broadway. During the 1920s and ‘30s she recorded what were among the original versions of some of the most memorable standards of the era.

This 70-track collection includes recordings from across her active career as a hit-focused recording artist before she turned her attention to TV. It comprises selected releases during this era on the labels, and features all her twenty-six career hits, including the No.1s Stormy Weather and Am I Blue, and other notable classics.

It includes performances with Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Clarence Williams, James P. Johnson,  Fats Waller, Coleman Hawkins, Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Ben Selvin, Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, Bunny Berigan, Benny Carter and many others. Waters died in September 1977, aged 80 in California.

She was one of the great song stylists of her era, and this collection is a fabulous showcase for her distinctive talents.


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Down Home Blues Ethel Waters Accompanied By Cordy Williams' Jazz Masters


Dying With The Blues Ethel Water's Jazz Masters
3 There'll Be Some Changes Made Ethel Waters And The Jazz Masters
4 Jazzin' Babies Blues Ethel Waters And Joe Smith's Jazz Masters
5 Georgia Blues Ethel Waters And Her Jazz Masters
6 At The New Jump Steady Ball Ethel Waters And Her Jazz Masters
7 Brown Baby Ethel Water's Jazz Masters
8 Memphis Man Ethel Waters And The Jazz Masters
9 Sweet Man Blues Ethel Waters
10 Black Spatch Blues Ethel Waters
11 Craving Blues Ethel Waters
12 Pleasure Mad Ethel Waters
13 Sweet Georgia Brown Ethel Waters & Her Ebony Four
14 Sympathetic Dan Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
15 Loud Speakin' Papa (You'd Better Speak Easy To Me) Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
16 Dinah Ethel Waters' Plantation Orch
17 I've Found A New Baby Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
18 Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night Ethel Waters
19 Maybe Not At All Ethel Waters & Her Ebony Four
20 Shake That Thing Ethel Waters
21 Bring Your Greenbacks Ethel Waters
22 I Wonder What's Become Of Joe Ethel Waters
23 Sugar Ethel Waters
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Heebie Jeebies Ethel Waters and Her Jazz Band
2 We Don't Need Each Other Any More Ethel Waters
3 I'm Coming Virginia Ethel Waters
4 Satisfyin' Papa Ethel Waters
5 Smile Ethel Waters
6 Some Of These Days Ethel Waters
7 I'm Saving It All For You Ethel Waters
8 Guess Who's In Town Ethel Waters
9 West End Blues Ethel Waters
10 Better Keep An Eye On Your Man Ethel Waters
11 Georgia Blues Ethel Waters
12 Birmingham Bertha Ethel Waters
13 Am I Blue? Ethel Waters
14 True Blue Lou Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
15 Shoo Shoo Boogie Boo Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
16 Waiting At The End Of The Road Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
17 (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
18 You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
19 Memories Of You Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
20 I Got Rhythm Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
21 Three Little Words Ethel Waters W Novelty Acc.
22 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
23 When Your Lover Has Gone Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
Disc 3
Track Title Artist
1 You Can't Stop Me From Lovin' You Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
2 Shine On, Harvest Moon Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
3 River, Stay 'Way From My Door Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
4 Heat Wave Ethel Waters & Her Ebony 4
5 A Hundred Years From Today Ethel Waters
6 I Just Couldn't Take It, Baby Ethel Waters
7 I Can't Give You Anything But Love Ethel Waters
8 St. Louis Blues Ethel Waters
9 Porgy Ethel Waters
10 Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time) Ethel Waters
11 Don't Blame Me Ethel Waters
12 Come Up And See Me Some Time Ethel Waters
13 Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable To Lunch Today) Ethel Waters
14 Give Me A Heart To Sing To Ethel Waters
15 You're A Sweetheart Ethel Waters
16 Jeepers Creepers Ethel Waters
17 Frankie And Johnnie Ethel Waters
18 What Goes Up Must Come Down (And Baby, You've Been Flying Too Hi Ethel Waters
19 Bread And Gravy Ethel Waters
20 Baby, What Else Can I Do Ethel Waters
21 Georgia On My Mind Ethel Waters
22 Cabin In The Sky Ethel Waters
23 Honey In The Honeycomb Ethel Waters
24 Careless Love Ethel Waters
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