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Eric Nathan - The Space Of A Door

Eric Nathan - The Space Of A Door

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Eric Nathans The Space Of A Door frames a body of work that spans eight years (2008-2016), from Nathans student days to the present, and exemplifies BMOPs commitment to championing the works of young composers.

Often inspired by engaging with old places such as historic churches, cathedrals, or concert halls, Nathans creative energy was sparked for the eponymous The Space Of A Door  by the Providence Athenaeum, built in 1836.

Omaggio A Gesualdo muses on a 16th-century madrigal, while Missing Words I is the first in a series of works drawing on a humorous book of made-up German words. Icarus Dreamt draws on the Greek mythological figure, and Paestum was inspired by an ancient Greek city in Italy that Nathan encountered during his time at the American Academy in Rome.


2. Omaggio A Gesualdo
3. Timbered Bells
4. Missing Words
5. Icarus Dreamt Paestum For Sinfonietta

An intriguing release for adventurous listeners. - CLASSICAL CD REVIEW
performed with care and true
musicality by the acclaimed Boston Modern Orchestra Project under
Gil Rose [conductor].

And then theres the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, which does not let a pandemic deter it from looking forward [on] the space of a door, a superb disc released in May - WHRB

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    Eric Nathan
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    February 2021
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