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Don Gibson Complete Singles As & Bs 1952-62 (2CD)

Don Gibson Complete Singles As & Bs 1952-62 (2CD)

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Don Gibson was a country singer and songwriter, whose influence and impact was achieved not only through his own hit singles, but also those by other artists who recorded his songs. He came to prominence in the mid-1950s, so was not part of the honky-tonk tradition that was established in the immediate post-war decade, his music having a more modern and contemporary flavour, occasionally transcending the divide between country and mainstream pop and rock n roll.

Perhaps his best-known song was I Cant Stop Lovin You, a No. 7 hit for him in 1958, but a worldwide No. 1 for Ray Charles a few years later. His first country No. 1 Oh Lonesome Me, was also a pop hit for other artists in both the USA and UK. His US No.2 Sea Of Heartbreak was a UK pop hit in 1961. This great value 58-track 2-CD collection comprises all his A & B sides for Columbia, MGM and RCA during the decade from 1952-62, and includes more than 20 country and pop chart entries, among them the No. 1s Oh Lonesome Me and Blue Blue Day. Its a fine showcase for his distinctive talent.


"More then the sum total of country crossover... Though his voice lacked the quality to make him a superstar, there is much here to recommend in this compilation " - Bryan Chalker (Country Music)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 No Shoulder To Cry On Don Gibson
2 We're Steppin' Out Tonight Don Gibson
3 Sample Kisses Don Gibson
4 Let Me Stay In Your Arms Don Gibson
5 Just Walkin' In The Moonlight Don Gibson
6 I Just Love The Way You Tell A Lie Don Gibson
7 You Cast Me Out Don Gibson
8 Waitin' Down The Road Don Gibson
9 Symptoms Of Love Don Gibson
10 Many Times I've Waited For You Don Gibson
11 Ice Cold Heart Don Gibson
12 Selfish With Your Kisses Don Gibson
13 Run Boy Don Gibson
14 I Must Forget You Don Gibson
15 Sweet Dreams Don Gibson
16 Road Of Life Alone Don Gibson
17 I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time Don Gibson
18 Ah-Ha Don Gibson
19 I Believed In You Don Gibson
20 What A Fool I Was Don Gibson
21 I'm Gonna Fool Everybody Don Gibson
22 You're The Only One For Me Don Gibson
23 I Ain't Studyin' You Baby Don Gibson
24 It Happens Every Time Don Gibson
25 I Can't Leave Don Gibson
26 I Love You Still Don Gibson
27 Sitting Here Crying Don Gibson
28 Everything Turns Out For The Best Don Gibson
29 Blue Blue Day Don Gibson
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Too Soon To Know Don Gibson
2 I Can't Stop Lovin' You Don Gibson
3 Oh Lonesome Me Don Gibson
4 Give Myself A Party Don Gibson
5 Look Who's Blue Don Gibson
6 Who Cares Don Gibson
7 A Stranger To Me Don Gibson
8 Lonesome Old House Don Gibson
9 I Couldn't Care Less Don Gibson
10 Don't Tell Me Your Troubles Don Gibson
11 Heartbreak Avenue Don Gibson
12 I'm Movin' On Don Gibson
13 Big Hearted Me Don Gibson
14 Just One Time Don Gibson
15 I May Never Get To Heaven Don Gibson
16 Far, Far Away Don Gibson
17 A Legend In My Time Don Gibson
18 Sweet Dreams Don Gibson
19 The Same Street Don Gibson
20 What About Me Don Gibson
21 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise Don Gibson
22 Sea Of Heartbreak Don Gibson
23 I Think It's Best (To Forget Me) Don Gibson
24 Lonesome Number One Don Gibson
25 Same Old Trouble Don Gibson
26 I Can Mend Your Broken Heart Don Gibson
27 I Let Her Get Lonely Don Gibson
28 So How Come (No One Loves Me) Don Gibson
29 Baby We're Really In Love Don Gibson
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