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Digby Fairweather - Notes From A Jazz Life Vol.3

Digby Fairweather - Notes From A Jazz Life Vol.3

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Cornetist Digby Fairweather is one of the leading figures on the British jazz scene. As a musician, writer, broadcaster, and founder of the Jazz Centre UK in Southend, he has dedicated his life to promoting, preserving and celebrating the culture of jazz.

Compiled by Digby himself, this 26-track set consists of mostly ‘live’ recordings from across his career and features performances with a host of the top names in British jazz, such as: Ron Russell, Lennie Hastings, Stan Barker, Denny Wright, Brian Lemon, Keith Nichols, Keith Ingham, Pete Strange, Randy Colville and Cass Caswell.

Lifted from LPs and CDs, many long out of print, the performances captured here see Digby and his associates “raise the roof” during specially selected club dates, festival shows and all-star jam sessions. The accompanying 28-page booklet, written by Digby, provides a valuable insight into both the tracks selcted and artists appearing.

This collection is the third Acrobat retrospective of his career and, like Volumes One and Two, offers both a substantial showcase for his talents and an entertaining insight into the British jazz scene across several decades.

Digby says: “On his 1969 album recorded live, back at the Conway Hall, Humphrey Lyttelton wrote: ‘mindful that some of the best years of my life have been spent in laborious editing: cutting out a duff solo here and a bum note there – and that neither I nor the rest of mankind have been affected one way or the other by all that effort – I resolved that the music would go out as it happened’. “It’s actually a brave decision for musicians. But on this occasion (for the whole of CD1 and quite a few tracks later on CD2) I’m with Humph – and going live too. I hope you’ll join me…”


Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Rehearsing For A Nervous Breakdown Ron Russell's Band
2 (What Can I Say Dear) After I Say I’m Sorry Ron Russell's Band
3 Some Of These Days The Great British Jazz Band
4 If I Had You The Great British Jazz Band
5 Sandu The Lennie Hastings Quintet
6 Undecided The Lennie Hastings Quintet
7 Jumping The Blues Fairweather Friends
8 Gone With The Wind Digby Fairweather & Stan Barker
9 The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave To Me The M&B Jam Session
10 I Can’t Give You Anything But Love Digby Fairweather & Brian Lemon
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Running Wild Dig & De Schwarte
2 If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) Dig & De Schwarte
3 At The Jazz Band Ball Digby Fairweather & Keith Ingham with Susannah McCorkle
4 I Got It Bad (And That Aint Good Dig & De Schwarte
5 Run Rabbit Run Digby Fairweather
6 Sleepy Time Gal Ron Russell's Band
7 Exactly Like You Ron Russell's Band
8 That's A Plenty Dave Shepherd
9 Lonesome Road Dave Shepherd
10 Indiana Digby Fairweather
11 Lover Man Digby Fairweather & Stan Barker
12 Something To Remember You By Digby Fairweather & Stan Barker
13 What A Little Moonlight Can Do Digby Fairweather & Denny Wright
14 I Can’t Get Started With You Lennie Hastings Band
15 On The Alamo The M&B Jam Session
16 Yesterdays Digby Fairweather With Cass Caswell's Trio
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    October 2022
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