Count Basie - Jive At Five - The Collection 1937-1939 LP

Count Basie - Jive At Five - The Collection 1937-1939 LP

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Anyone with more than a merest passing interest in jazz will not need to be told that William “Count” Basie was one of the most important personalities in the entire history of the genre. As a pianist, bandleader, and composer, he was not only one of the most influential figures in shaping the sounds that were central to jazz from the 1930s through to the 1950s, but his bands often provided a springboard for many great names to emerge onto the wider scene.

We hope that this musical snapshot of the era at the start of Basie’s career as a bandleader offers a fascinating insight into the foundations of his reputation. Pressed on 140g black vinyl, the set includes One O’Clock Jump, Good Morning Blues, Every Tub, Swinging The Blues and Blue And Sentimental. Basie once said: “If you play a tune and a person don’t tap their feet, don’t play the tune”... This 14-track LP of songs, which captures Count Basie’s Orchestra during a brief but pivotal period in his career, will certainly get you tapping those feet.

Side A

1. PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1937
2. ONE O'CLOCK JUMP (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1937
3. GOOD MORNING BLUES (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1937
4. EVERY TUB (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938
5. TOPSY (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1937
6. SENT FOR YOU YESTERDAY, AND HERE YOU COME TODAY (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938
7. SWINGING THE BLUES (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938

Side B

1. BLUE AND SENTIMENTAL (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938
2. DOGGIN' AROUND (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938
3. STOP BEATIN' ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938
4. MAMA DON'T WANT NO PEAS AN' RICE AN' COCONUT OIL (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938
5. JUMPING AT THE WOODSIDE (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938
6. BOOGIE WOOGIE (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1938
7. JIVE AT FIVE (Count Basie & His Orchestra) 1939

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