Chet Atkins - Pick Of The Best 1946-62 LP

Chet Atkins - Pick Of The Best 1946-62 LP

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Chet Atkins was one of the most innovative and influential personalities in country music in the post-war decades, both as a highly skilled and distinctive finger-picking guitarist, and as a record producer and session musician, helping to shape the “Nashville” sound which helped broaden the popularity of country music in the late ‘50s.

This collection focuses on his work as a recording artist, covering a period over more than a decade during which he progressed from being a journeyman country musician to one of the most respected and imitated guitarists in all of popular music, not just country, with major rock artists later citing him as a key influence.

Deriving his style from influences as diverse as Merle Travis and Django Reinhardt, he developed a finger-style technique which set him apart from his peers and gave his music and recordings an increasingly distinctive flavour. It provides a fascinating musical journey through the years when his stature within the business inexorably grew, and his work as a performer became overshadowed by his studio work with other artists, and his A&R role at RCA.

It naturally offers plenty of examples of his unique skill as a guitarist but also shows the many sides of his talents as singer, bandleader and songwriter, and includes the country chart entries he had during this time with Mr. Sandman, Silver Bell, Jean’s Song, Boo Boo Stick Beat, and One Mint Julep

Track Listing


1. GUITAR BLUES (PICKIN' THE BLUES) - Chet Atkins (Chet Atkins, Jim Atkins) 1946
2. CANNED HEAT - Chet Atkins (Chet Atkins) 1947
3. I'M PICKING THE BLUES - Chet Atkins And His Colorado Mountain Boys (Chet Atkins, Jim Atkins) 1948
4. GALLOPING GUITAR - Chet Atkins and His Guitar Pickers (Chet Atkins) 1949
5. MAIN STREET BREAKDOWN - Chet Atkins (Chet Atkins)  1950
6. THIRD MAN THEME - Chet Atkins and his Galloping Guitar (Anton Karas) 1952
7. COUNTRY GENTLEMAN - Chet Atkins and his Galloping Guitar (Chester Atkins, Boudleaux Bryant) 1953
8. WILDWOOD FLOWER - Chet Atkins (Trad., Chet Atkins) 1954


1. MR. SANDMAN - Chet Atkins (Pat Ballard) 1954
2. SILVER BELL - Chet Atkins & Hank Snow (Edward Madden, Percy Wenrich) 1955
3. THE POOR PEOPLE OF PARIS (JEAN'S SONG) - Chet Atkins (Rene Rouzaud, Margueritte Monnot) 1955
4. TRAMBONE - Chet Atkins (Chet Atkins) 1957
5. BOO BOO STICK BEAT - Chet Atkins (Murrey Harman, John D. Loudermilk) 1959
6. DJANGO'S CASTLE - Chet Atkins (Django Reinhardt) 1959
7. TEENSVILLE - Chet Atkins (Wayne Cogswell) 1960
8. ONE MINT JULEP - Chet Atkins (Rudolph Toombs) 1960
9. WINDY AND WARM - Chet Atkins (John D. Loudermilk) 1961

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