Carl Perkins - Dixie Fried - 1955-62 LP

Carl Perkins - Dixie Fried - 1955-62 LP

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“If there were no Carl Perkins there would be no Beatles” – Sir Paul McCartney. It would be easy to dismiss Carl Perkins as a one-hit wonder who only merits a footnote in the annals of popular music, but his contribution to the development and popularisation of rock ‘n’ roll and his influence on artists who themselves shaped the future of pop is indisputable. He is, of course, best-known for his landmark 1956 hit Blue Suede Shoes, which rapidly became a ubiquitous staple of the repertoire of every rock ‘n’ roll band around the globe, passing into the universal language of rock ‘n’ roll and, in the UK at least, is guaranteed to be heard at pub gigs in every town around the country on a Friday night.

This 17-track LP gives the listener a great overview of Carl Perkins’ career featuring the best singles and album tracks from his 1955 debut on Sam Phillips’ Flip label, through his time with the Sun and Columbia label. Including Movie Magg, Blue Suede Shoes, Tennessee, Dixie Fried, Matchbox, Pink Pedal Pushers and Hambone it allows the listener to hear the evolution of rockabilly and provides a fine showcase for the undisputed King Of Rockabilly.

Track Listing

Side A

1. MOVIE MAGG – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1955
2. GONE, GONE, GONE – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1955
3. BLUE SUEDE SHOES – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1956
4. HONEY DON'T – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1956
5. TENNESSEE – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1956
6. BOPPIN' THE BLUES – Carl Perkins (Howard Griffin, Carl Perkins) 1956
7. DIXIE FRIED - - Carl Perkins (Howard Griffin, Carl Perkins) 1956
8. I'M SORRY I'M NOT SORRY – Carl Perkins (Wanda Ballman) 1956


1. MATCHBOX – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1957
2. YOUR TRUE LOVE – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1957
3. THAT'S RIGHT – Carl Perkins (Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins) 1957
4. EVERBODY'S TRYIN' TO BE MY BABY – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1957
5. PINK PEDAL PUSHERS – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1958
6. POP, LET ME HAVE THE CAR – Carl Perkins (Eddie Fonraine, Andy Halmay) 1958
7. POINTED TOE SHOES – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1959
8. L-O-V-E-V-I-L-L-E – Carl Perkins (Carl Perkins) 1960
9. HAMBONE – Carl Perkins (Enotria Johnson, Richard Penniman) 1962

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