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Bruckner - Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 In D Minor; Transcription For Organ By Eberhard Klotz

Bruckner - Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 In D Minor; Transcription For Organ By Eberhard Klotz

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Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No.9 is regarded by many as one of the most profound musical masterpieces of the 19th century Romantic period. In the 19th century, and well into the 20th century, organ transcriptions served primarily to make a usually new, large orchestral work known to a wide audience.

At first there were no sound recordings, later they were rare, expensive and often of poor quality. And smaller towns in particular did not have their own orchestra concerts. Here the local organist was the one to perform these new works on the organ, making them accessible to the musically interested public. Especially in England and parts of France, the organ was also seen outside of its religious context and as a concert instrument. It was found in many town halls to entertain the educated bourgeoisie, and such performances enjoyed great popularity.

Today one could argue that great orchestral works are accessible everywhere in their original versions, interpreted by the best orchestras, in good sound recordings, as well as the many live performances. Concerts with organ transcriptions therefore have a completely different significance in modern times: live organ performances do not allow this great musical tradition to be lost. German organist Eberhard Klotz has created an idiomatic transcription of the work for large organ.

He said: “By presenting Bruckner’s symphonies on the organ, his music thus returns to the framework in which it was written. It brings us closer to the original process of the work’s creations, elevates us and at the same time opens up a new intellectual and visionary space.”

This is the premiere recording of Klotz’s transcription, played here with stunning virtuosity by Swiss organist Thilo Muster.

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    Oct 2021
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