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Bruce Harris Quartet - Soundview

Bruce Harris Quartet - Soundview

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Soundview is the sophomore release for Bruce Harris and features an all-star cast of musicians: Sullivan Fortner (piano), David Wong (bass) and Aaron Kimmel (drums), alongside a guest appearance by vocalist Samara McClendon.

Defined by infectious joy, undeniable passion and youthful energy, the album is produced by award-winning trumpeter Jeremy Pelt.

Talking about Soundview’s genesis, Harris said: “Two great sources of inspiration for me are my roots... the neighbourhood in which I was born, Soundview, South Bronx NY, and my current Home Sugar Hill, Harlem. “Although it was not a place filled with privilege and opportunity, Soundview was and is rich in artistic excellence and indomitable spirit. Much of the music on this record was either composed and refined here in Sugar Hill. “This record is a tribute to my family and community in the Bronx and to the black excellence that began in the Harlem Renaissance. I hope you enjoy!”

Contrary to opinion, jazz has always reflected the times. As racial injustice in the United States continues to grab global headlines with black people’s lives constantly at risk, it does appear that dialogue has opened and black voices are finally being recognised.

Cellar Music Group owner, Cory Weeds, said: “As someone who was born in Canada, I’ve been somewhat sheltered from the injustices going on. As a result, I have unconsciously used this as an excuse to not engage in conversations about racism and discrimination with my black friends and heroes of this music that I love. I now realise that to be silent is to be complicit. This is no longer an option for me.”

Pelt, added: “We recognise that jazz is not only a music native to America, but that the progenitors of this music are the very lives that are being threatened daily. “I’m pleased to present Soundview, the first of four releases led by black artists that I will be producing for Cellar Music.”


Soundview Satellite

Maybe It’s Hazy

If You Were Mine

Hank’s Prank

You’re Lucky To Be Me

Ellington Suite

Bird Of Red And Gold

Saucer Eyes

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    June 2021
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