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British Hit Parade 1953 - The B Sides Vol. 2 (3CD)

British Hit Parade 1953 - The B Sides Vol. 2 (3CD)

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Acrobat’s British Hit Parade series has been established for well over a decade as a unique range of completist original artist collections comprising every record that appeared in the UK record sales charts in every year since the charts began in 1952. In recent years Acrobat has introduced parallel collections which consist of the B sides of all the records included in the main compilations, and these have proved hugely popular with collectors, since many of the records concerned have never been available on CD and are very rarely heard.

This 3-CD set is the companion product to our existing 1953 British Hit Parade (ACTRCD 9000) and features the B sides of the tracks on that collection, excluding the ones which appeared on the original collection as Double A-side hits. In this pre-rock ‘n’ roll era, B sides tended not be afterthoughts dashed off at the end of a session, and were generally afforded exactly the same time and treatment as the A sides, with full orchestral arrangements and productions, so these are high quality recordings, featuring some of the illustrious names from what was often called the golden age of popular music. As ever, it’s an eclectic snapshot of an ignored but fascinating aspect of the pop business, including in-depth 10-000+ word booklet with background notes on every record.


“The latest in another ongoing series from Acrobat and once again these B-side sets are in many ways more enjoyable and certainly more interesting than corresponding sets of the A-sides. In those far off days the B-side was not the throwaway it later became, but a legitimate and complementary part of the record, and this is proven time and time again by so many of the sides included here. 74 tracks and a sample of the listing is sufficient to get collectors salivating no doubt and it would be invidious to pick out a few from such an embarrassment of riches. The usual thoroughly annotated information and detailed track commentary in the liner booklet all add to the enjoyment making this a thoroughly rewarding set.” – Gerry Stonestreet (In Tune Issue 338)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Because You're Mine Nat King Cole
2 Any Old Time Tony Brent
3 Lady Of Spain Eddie Fisher
4 After All Mills Brothers
5 Moon Above Malaya Jimmy Young
6 To Know You (Is To Love You) Perry Como
7 My Favourite Song Tony Brent
8 The Piper's Patrol Ted Heath & His Music
9 Say You'll Wait For Me Al Martino
10 You'll Never Know Eddie Fisher
11 Why Should I Go Home Guy Mitchell
12 Make It Soon Stargazers
13 Anywhere I Wander Danny Kaye
14 Wishing Ring Joni James
15 Tell Me We'll Meet Again Lita Roza
16 Why Should I Go Home Dickie Valentine
17 Wonderful, Wasn't It Frankie Laine
18 Vereda Tropical Buddy Morrow's Orchestra
19 Heavenly, Heavenly Art & Dotty Todd
20 My Jealous Eyes Patti Page
21 Downhearted Johnston Brothers
22 Roundabouts And Swings Frank Chacksfield's Tunesmiths
23 Your Cheatin' Heart Frankie Laine
24 Glad Rag Doll Johnnie Ray
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 Horn Belt Boogie Guy Mitchell
2 Too Busy! Kay Starr
3 The Homing Waltz Dickie Valentine
4 Funny (Not Much) Nat King Cole
5 Am I Wasting My Time On You Eddie Fisher
6 Coronation Bells March Billy Cotton & His Band
7 The Little Boy And The Old Man Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd
8 I'd Love To Fall Asleep (And Wake Up In Your Arms)(Le Soir) Muriel Smith
9 Bounce The Boogie Winifred Atwell
10 The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart) Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra
11 Hold Me Eddie Fisher
12 Limelight 'Incidental Music From The Film (Ballet Introduction, Frank Chacksfield
13 Vola Colomba Mantovani And His Orchestra
14 The Windsor Waltz Dickie Valentine
15 The Lambeth Waltz Vera Lynn
16 Is There Any Room In Your Heart? Dorothy Squires
17 Strike Up The Band Ted Heath And His Music
18 One Lonely Night Al Martino
19 Luck Be A Lady Vivian Blaine
20 Till I Waltz Again With You Gisele MacKenzie
21 Candy Lips Doris Day & Johnnie Ray
22 The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?) June Hutton
23 Small Towns Are Smile Towns Nat King Cole
24 Is It Any Wonder Jimmy Young
25 Wise Man Or Fool Guy Mitchell
Disc 3
Track Title Artist
1 I Let Her Go Frankie Laine
2 My Flaming Heart Nat King Cole
3 There's My Lover Dean Martin
4 Golden Tango Winifred Atwell
5 I'm The King Of Broken Hearts David Whitfield
6 Sittin' In The Sun (Countin' My Money) Frankie Laine
7 Dance, Gypsy, Dance David Whitfield
8 Jamaican Rumba Mantovani And His Orchestra
9 If I Had A Golden Umbrella Diana Decker
10 Sloppy Joe Ted Heath And His Music
11 Ramblin' Man Frankie Laine
12 Hannah Lee (High Are The Gallows) Guy Mitchell
13 A Fool Was I Eddie Fisher
14 Deep In The Blues Les Paul & Mary Ford
15 To Live My Life With You Lee Lawrence
16 Little Train A-Chuggin' In My Heart Jimmy Boyd
17 Bye Bye Baby Ray Anthony and His Orchestra
18 Triplets The Beverley Sisters
19 Let's Have A Party (Medley) Part 2 Winifred Atwell And Her "Other" Piano
20 Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo Ray Martin & His Concert Orchestra
21 Merry-Go-Rounds And Swings Joan Regan
22 Mardi Gras David Whitfield
23 Mystery Street Eddie Calvert
24 The Queen's Highway Billy Cotton And His Band
25 Sippin' Soda Guy Mitchell
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