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BPM Trio - Audi Alteram Partem

BPM Trio - Audi Alteram Partem

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Audi Alteram Partem is the debut album from BPM Trio, a Canadian group featuring Phil Dwyer (saxophone and piano), Ben Dwyer (bass) and Mark Adam (drums). Phil Dwyer, has appeared on ten JUNO Award-winning recordings, and more than 30 nominated releases. He brought together this trio, featuring his son Ben, for a series of four concerts in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 2016.

It was drummer Adam who first had an inkling that it might be good to set up a small recording rig to capture the magic. Lifted from these concerts, hosted by Canadian jazz legend Roland Bourgeois in Moncton and Sackville (New Brunswick), Audi Alteram Partem is an appealing blend of the intimate, fearless and tender.

The album’s title, Audi Alteram Partem, comes from the legal principle whereby all sides be heard and accorded a fair right to reply. This is clearly the principle on which this trio is based...

Writing for The Art Music Lounge, Lynn René Bayley said: “The BPM Trio is really an interesting group. Phil is a lyrical saxist with an appetite for a wide range of jazz styles from traditional to modern, and his son Ben is really an interesting bassist with big ears who can not only accompany his father but create his own lines, both underneath the sax and in his own solos.

“In addition, Adam is a creative drummer who breaks up the beat and accents perfectly without ever getting in the way of the others… This is a really fun album, well worth hearing.”

Appointed as a Member of the Order Of Canada and a Royal Conservatory of Music Honorary Fellow, Phil remains active as a performer, teacher and recording artist. His son, whilst rooted in jazz, is a versatile bassist who has performed around the world with some great artists of varying genres. Associate Professor of Improvisation, Percussion and Contemporary Music at Acadia University, Adam has worked with Canadian jazz artists such as Mike Murley, David Restivo, David Braid and Laila Biali.


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