Bobby Darin - Dream Lover - Best of 1958-62 LP

Bobby Darin - Dream Lover - Best of 1958-62 LP

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There is no doubt that even among the legion of larger-than-life characters who emerged in the rock ‘n’ roll era and following years, Bobby Darin was one of the most remarkable and multi-talented artists of his time. Readily turning his hand, with total credibility, to rock ‘n’ roll, big band jazz, country and folk as well as pure pop, he was also a hugely talented songwriter, award-winning movie actor and astute music publisher. Darin grew up with a weak heart and, from a very early age, know he wouldn’t have a long life to make a name for himself. Learning multiple instruments as a teenager he set out to achieve his goals with a tireless determination. His relentless pursuit of stardom led him down many different avenues of styles, achieving numerous hits across multiple charts.

This collection delves into the most successful years of his career starting with his first hit record. It includes ten Top 10’s and two landmark No.1’s. From Splish Splash, through Queen of The Hop, Dream Lover, Mack The Knife, Beyond The Sea and Lazy River to Multiplication and Things. It’s a varied collection of brilliantly crafted top class pop records, many produced by the ace Atlantic team of Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler. A fantastic overview of Darin’s early career and showcases just how driven he was to succeed in the music industry, no matter what.

Track Listing


1. SPLISH SPLASH - Bobby Darin (Bobby Darin, Jean Murray) 1958
2. EARLY IN THE MORNING - The Ding Dongs (on Brunswick) /The Rinky Dinks (on Atlantic) (Bobby Darin, Woody Harris) 1958
3. QUEEN OF THE HOP - Bobby Darin (Woody Harris, Bobby Darin) 1958
4. PLAIN JANE - Bobby Darin (Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman) 1959
5. DREAM LOVER - Bobby Darin (Bobby Darin) 1959
6. MACK THE KNIFE - Bobby Darin (Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht, Marc Blitzstein) 1959
7. LA MER (BEYOND THE SEA) - Bobby Darin (Albert Lasry, Charles Trenet, Jack Lawrence) 1960
8. CLEMENTINE - Bobby Darin (Percy Montrose, Woody Harris) 1960


1. WON'T YOU COME HOME BILL BAILEY? - Bobby Darin (Hughie Cannon, Bobby Darin) 1960
2. LAZY RIVER - Bobby Darin (Hoagy Carmichael, Sidney Arodin) 1961
3. NATURE BOY - Bobby Darin (Eden Ahbez) 1961
4. YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY – Bobby Darin (John Mercer, Harry Warren) 1961
5. IRRESISTABLE YOU – Bobby Darin (Luther Dixon, Al Kasha) 1961
6. MULTIPLICATION – Bobby Darin (Bobby Darin) 1961
7. THINGS – Bobby Darin (Bobby Darin) 1962
8. IF A MAN ANSWERS – Bobby Darin (Bobby Darin) 1962
9. BABY FACE – Bobby Darin (Harry Akst, Benny Davis) 1962

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