Barbecue Bob - Barbecue Blues -The Collection 1927-30 (2CD)

Barbecue Bob - Barbecue Blues -The Collection 1927-30 (2CD)

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Born Robert Hicks in Georgia in 1902, Barbecue Bob was an early exponent of the Piedmont style of blues, and was a contemporary around the Atlanta scene of artists like Blind Blake, Josh White, Curley Weaver, Blind Willie McTell, Buddy Moss and others. He had a distinctive guitar style, using the “frailing” technique as well as using a bottleneck on a 12-string guitar, and acquired his stage name because he was working as a barbecue chef when he did his first recordings, and publicity shots featured him in his chef’s outfit. His career was tragically curtailed when he died from tuberculosis and pneumonia in 1931 at the age of 29. This 47-track 2-CD collection comprises a significant proportion of his career recordings on the Columbia label, and includes recordings with his brother Charlie “Laughing Charley” Lincoln, and with Curley Weaver and Buddy Moss as The Georgia Cotton Pickers. It includes his “Motherless Child”, a song regularly performed by Eric Clapton, along with his famous song “Mississippi Heavy Water Blues”, inspired by the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. He is one of those blues artists who is not widely known but whose music helps to appreciate the nuances of the Piedmont blues tradition.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Barbecue Blues Barbecue Bob
2 Cloudy Sky Blues Barbecue Bob
3 Mississippi Heavy Water Blues Barbecue Bob
4 Mama, You Don't Suit Me Barbecue Bob
5 Jesus' Blood Can Make Me Whole Robert Hicks
6 Honey, You Don't Know My Mind Barbecue Bob
7 Poor Boy A Long Ways From Home Barbecue Bob
8 Brown Skin Gal Barbecue Bob
9 Easy Rider, Don't You Deny My Name Barbecue Bob
10 It Won't Be Long Now Barbecue Bob & Laughing Charley
11 Crooked Woman Blues Barbecue Bob
12 Fo Day Creep Barbecue Bob
13 Motherless Child Barbecue Bob
14 Goin' Up The Country Barbecue Bob
15 Mississippi Low Levee Blues Barbecue Bob
16 Way Cross Georgia Blues Barbecue Bob
17 Chocolate To The Bone Barbecue Bob
18 My Mistake Blues Barbecue Bob
19 Hurry And Bring It Back Home Barbecue Bob
20 Blind Pig Blues Barbecue Bob
21 Cold Wave Blues Barbecue Bob
22 Meat Man Pete Barbecue Bob
23 It's Just Too Bad Barbecue Bob
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 It Just Won't Hay Barbecue Bob
2 It's A Funny Little Thing Barbecue Bob
3 Honey, You're Going Too Fast Barbecue Bob
4 Red Hot Mama, Papa's Going To Cool You Off Barbecue Bob
5 Good Time Rounder Barbecue Bob
6 Bad Time Blues Barbecue Bob
7 Trouble Done Bore Me Down Barbecue Bob
8 Yo Yo Blues Barbecue Bob
9 Freeze To Me Mama Barbecue Bob
10 Me And My Whiskey Barbecue Bob
11 Monkey And The Baboon Barbecue Bob
12 Darktown Gamblin' (The Crap Game) Robert & Charlie Hicks
13 Tellin' It To You Barbecue Bob
14 She Moves It Just Right Barbecue Bob
15 We Sure Got Hard Times Barbecue Bob
16 California Blues Barbecue Bob
17 Black Skunk Blues Barbecue Bob
18 She's Coming Back Some Cold Rainy Day Georgia Cotton Pickers
19 Diddle Da Diddle Georgia Cotton Pickers
20 Jambooger Blues Barbecue Bob
21 Atlanta Moan Barbecue Bob
22 Doin' The Scraunch Barbecue Bob
23 I'm On My Way Down Home Georgia Cotton Pickers
24 It Just Won't Quit Barbecue Bob

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