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Ba Balance - Around The Crocodile Pond

Ba Balance - Around The Crocodile Pond

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Danish jazz guitarist Preben Carlsen joins The Gambia’s vibrant percussionist Sal Dibba to form the dynamic Ba Balance. The two friends find their groove over ten remarkable improvised numbers on their delightful Around The Crocodile Pond. The music flows with polyrhythmic elegance as the tunes weave organically in raw circular road-movie style Afro Blues.

Carlsen grew up playing blues rock in a small village on the west coast of Denmark. He collaborated with, among others, the African musicians Toumani Diabate, Bassekou Kouyate and Etienne Mbappé and, partly because of this, became increasingly interested in African music.

Dibba is from Bakau, a small but vibrant fishing town in The Gambia famed for its sacred crocodile pond. His skills on traditional West African music and contemporary Western music has led him to work with international stars like Tony Allen, Titiyo and Toumani Diabate.

During the last 18 years, Carlsen and Dibba has been playing together in several bands, but came together as duo in 2019 to form Ba Balance. Here you can really sense the joy that the two virtuoso musicians experience from paying in unison.

From the deep mangrove forests in the Southern US states to the flat red mountains on the Mali desert, Around The Crocodile Pond sets an inspiring scenery and invites your imagination to continue the journey.

“It’s not often you hear a record from a duo that sounds so full and mature,” writes Mattie Poels in Music Frames. “Ba Balance sound like a complete band with heavy desert rock, blues, pop and even a touch of folk… A fantastic album: open in sound and full of colour.”


1 Djembe (4:13)
2 Deltatonic (5:44)
3 The Stranger (4:20)
4 Behind The Hills (6:06)
5 Bambadinka (The Crocodile Pond)  (4:56)
6 Pretty One (5:00)
7 The Surfer (4:36)
8 Yankadi (Watch Your Steps)  (4:05)
9 Sundown Moonup (5:35)
10 For Xalam (5:16)

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    Ba Balance
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    May 2020
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