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Alger 'Texas' Alexander 1927-51 (3CD)

Alger 'Texas' Alexander 1927-51 (3CD)

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Alger Texas Alexander, born around 1900, was a blues singer, who played no musical instruments, but whose deep impressive voice and his highly personal way with blues songs encouraged many well-known names to accompany him across his career. His songs were simple, sometimes almost primitive, with basic melodies based on work songs and hollers that made them stark and effective. He performed around the Brazos River area in Texas during the 1920s, often Blind Lemon Jefferson, and made his first records in 1927. Beginning with his classic Levee Camp Moan Blues, this great-value 66-track 3-CD set comprises all the recordings he made at various sessions in New York, Fort Worth and San Antonio between 1927 and 1934 and which were released on the Okeh and Vocalion labels, plus two titles he made in 1951 after a career break and which were released on the Freedom label, not long before his death in 1954. He worked with a number of notable accompanists on these recordings, including Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Heywood, King Oliver, Clarence Williams, Eddie Lang, Little Hat Jones, Carl Davis, Bo Carter, Sam Chatman, Walter Vinson, Willie Reed, Buster Pickens, Leon Benson. Its a comprehensive overview of his work, and a fine showcase for a distinctive artist, who has maybe not had the attention he deserves.


“Tex was one of the great singers of the Texas blues who created songs rooted, both musically and lyrically, in the world he and his listeners knew, a world in which poverty, heavy labour, and racial oppression were dominant… Acrobat's threefer contains all Alexander's issued-on-78 titles and arranges them in order of issue... People who want the complete Texas Alexander will find this just the job.”  –  Chris Smith (Blues & Rhythm Issue 345)

“A comprehensive overview of Alger 'Texas' Alexander… a fine showcase for a distinctive bluesman with a deep impressive voice, who has maybe not had the attention he deserves.” –  Pete Lay (Just Jazz October 2019)

Disc 1
Track Title Artist
1 Levee Camp Moan Blues "Texas" Alexander
2 Section Gang Blues "Texas" Alexander
3 Long Lonesome Day Blues "Texas" Alexander
4 Corn-Bread Blues "Texas" Alexander
5 Range In My Kitchen Blues "Texas" Alexander
6 Farm Hand Blues  "Texas" Alexander
7 Sabine River Blues "Texas" Alexander
8 Mama, I Heard You Brought It Right Back Home  "Texas" Alexander
9 Bell Cow Blues "Texas" Alexander
10 Boe Hog Blues "Texas" Alexander
11 Death Bed Blues "Texas" Alexander
12 Mama's Bad Luck Child "Texas" Alexander
13 Bantam Rooster Blues  "Texas" Alexander
14 Deep Blue Sea Blues "Texas" Alexander
15 West Texas Blues "Texas" Alexander
16 Don't You Wish Your Baby Was Built Up Like Mine? "Texas" Alexander
17 Sitting On A Log "Texas" Alexander
18 No More Women Blues  "Texas" Alexander
19 Penitentiary Moan Blues "Texas" Alexander
20 Blue Devil Blues "Texas" Alexander
21 Work Ox Blues "Texas" Alexander
22 'Frisco Train Blues "Texas" Alexander
Disc 2
Track Title Artist
1 The Risin' Sun  "Texas" Alexander
2 Tell Me Woman Blues "Texas" Alexander
3 St. Louis Fair Blues "Texas" Alexander
4 Evil Woman Blues "Texas" Alexander
5 Ninety-Eight Degree Blues "Texas" Alexander
6 Gold Tooth Blues "Texas" Alexander
7 Awful Moaning Blues - Part 1 "Texas" Alexander
8 Awful Moaning Blues - Part 2 "Texas" Alexander
9 Double Crossing Blue "Texas" Alexander
10 Johnny Behren's Blues "Texas" Alexander
11 Rolling Mill Blues "Texas" Alexander
12 Peaceful Blues  "Texas" Alexander
13 Broken Yo Yo "Texas" Alexander
14 When You Get To Thinking "Texas" Alexander
15 Someday Baby Your Troubles Is Gonna Be Like Mine "Texas" Alexander
16 Texas Special  "Texas" Alexander
17 Water Bound Blues "Texas" Alexander
18 Thirty Day Blues  "Texas" Alexander
19 Yellow Girl Blues "Texas" Alexander
20 I Am Calling Blues "Texas" Alexander
21 She's So Far "Texas" Alexander
22 Rolling And Stumbling Blues "Texas" Alexander
Disc 3
Track Title Artist
1 Texas Troublesome Blues "Texas" Alexander
2 Last Stage Blues "Texas" Alexander
3 Days Is Lonesome  "Texas" Alexander
4 Stealing To Her Man "Texas" Alexander
5 Seen Better Days "Texas" Alexander
6 Frost Texas Tornado Blues "Texas" Alexander
7 Blues In My Mind Texas Alexander & his Sax Black Tams
8 Mistreatin' Woman Texas Alexander & his Sax Black Tams
9 Prairie Dog Hole Blues  Texas Alexander & his Sax Black Tams
10 Polo Blues Texas Alexander & his Sax Black Tams
11 Worried Blues Texas Alexander & his Sax Black Tams
12 Normangee Blues Texas Alexander & his Sax Black Tams
13 Justice Blues Texas Alexander
14 Easy Rider Blues Texas Alexander
15 Lonesome Valley Blues Texas Alexander
16 Good Feelin' Blues Texas Alexander
17 Katy Crossing Blues Texas Alexander
18 Lonesome Blues Texas Alexander
19 One Morning Blues Texas Alexander
20 Deceitful Blues Texas Alexander
21 Bottoms Blues Texas Alexander and Benton's Busy Bees
22 Crossroads Texas Alexander and Benton's Busy Bees
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