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Adedeji - Yoruba Odyssey

Adedeji - Yoruba Odyssey

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The Nigerian singer and guitarist’s third album ‘Yoruba Odyssey’, is a project that goes back to the very
core of Adédèjì’s roots. The result is a progressive Jazz-Funk record, influenced with vintage Afro Beat and
Yoruba eclectic sounds, that greatly reflects Adédèjì’s up-bringing in the metropolitan city of Lagos. A ten
track educating, entertaining, feel good, funky album, that chronicles his interpretation of the music and
artists that influenced him. From Soul, to Jazz, to Blues, to Funk, to the traditional Yoruba music he grew up
with. ’Yoruba Odyssey’ was recorded during 3 days in Lagos, Nigeria, at the legendary Afrodisia/Decca
Studio, that has housed giants like Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey to name a few. The
album presents authentic and personal ideas with tremendous harmonies and tight arrangements. The
line up includes some of Nigeria’s most skilled musicians; the grooviest rhythm section and a splendid
horn section, adds to the Afro Beat-influenced sound together with powerful female and male backing
vocals, that clearly reference Adédèjì’s Gospel upbringing. The lyrics are song in Yoruba, English and
Pidgin English. In the texts, Adédèjì reignites the traditional identity of Yoruba Culture using riddles and
proverbs, as well as talking about the society. “Every aspect of the human life, depicts a form of sojourn or
the other. From the previous albums ‘Àjò’ through the double dose of ‘Afreekanism’ to this point of the
Lagos experience, let your mind transverse the cosmos”, Adédèjì says. Adédèjì started singing in a Church
Choir in Lagos, and by the age of 10, he became the leader of the choir. His first album, ‘Ajo’, feat. Lionel
Loueke, got great international reviews and won the VNO NCW Noord Talent Award, The Netherlands, in
2012. His second album, ‘Afreekanism’, won him the LBM Awards for ‘Best Afro Fusion Artist’ in Nigeria in
2017. Adédèjì shared stages with Tony Allen, Lionel Loueke, Gene Jackson, Ayo Bankole, Paco Sery, FraFra
Sound and many more.

01. ’Oruku’
02. ‘Olomo ki lo’
03. ‘Ojeje’
04. ‘Shyphiliezation’
05. ‘Lagos Blues’
06. ‘Ololufe mi’
07. ‘Ayinla’ 
08. ’Gbanja’
09. ‘Ori Ni’
10. ‘Tales of Agege’

Adedeji Adetayo Lead Vocal, Guitar, Keys ,Synths, Kalimba, Shekere, Agogo & Udu
Samuel Olawale Keys & Synths​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Victor Ademofe Trumpet
Godwin Phillip Trumpet
Raphael Lasisi Tenor Saxophone
Sam Marlieri Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Segun Atoyebi Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Timi Adewunmi Baritone Saxophone
Kostas Vasouras Baritone Saxophone
Jim Staridas Trombone
Wale Akindiya Bass​​​​​​​
Kayode Kuti Bass
Yoel Soto Bass
Samuel Obinna Drums
Laolu Ajibade Drums
Abiodun Oke Congas & Shekere
​​​​​​​Rodrigo Rodriguez Congas, Shekere, Timbales, Agogo & Timba
Taiwo Adeagbo Talking Drums, Batas, Omele & Sakara
​​​​​​​Ebun Arowosegbe Backing Vocals
Mary Shobowale Backing Vocals
Bola Adewole Backing Vocals
Tunde Adetayo Backing Vocals

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