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Trapeze Music & Entertainment Limited

Trapeze Music & Entertainment Limited is an independent label and distributor with a loyal customer base in the UK, US and throughout mainland Europe. We are passionate about "physical music" in all its various formats and believe there is a strong market for it. At our heart is the flagship label Acrobat, which specialises in preserving music across a wide range of genres. Knowing that there is demand for niche and collectors' music, we celebrate both legends and forgotten artists from the world of Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll and Country, championing acts that are sometimes overlooked by more mainstream major labels. We have expanded our services to include distribution and now supply several specialist label partners including: Lorelt, Wolf Records, One World and many more small indies. We also offer tailored manufacturing services. Focused on quality and speed, we can provide both large- and small-scale quantities and try not to force minimum or maximum orders. Trapeze Music & Entertainment Limited has a small but dedicated team of music lovers who pride themselves on quality and customer care.